Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Why do some students succeed while some students fail?

How amazing it is when you have students of the same age range in the same class, with the same teacher having the same text books but different grades after exams! Doing well at school is not a magic. It is a process and when you follow that process, you cannot but to produce the result.

After being a successful student myself and studying student’s academic performance for over five years, I realized that why some students succeed while some students fail is simply HABITS! The difference in core values, beliefs, attitudes and habits is what differentiate student’s academic performance!

Successful students will be successful despite the school they are attending.
When I was attending Kpong Methodist Junior High School, I was among the top 5 in class. When I was in Manya Krobo Senior High School, I was among the top 5 in class. When I was in Entrepreneurship Training Institute, I was among the top 5 in class. Nothing changed as along as my habits, core values, attitudes and beliefs did not change!

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According to the 90/10 rule of the Pareto Principle, 90% of the reasons students fail at school is internal while the remaining 10% are external. If students deal with the 90% of the internal reasons, the 10% external will automatically deal with itself!

So the question of why some students succeed while some students fail has to do with habits, beliefs, attitude and core values! Once students change their habits and attitude towards schooling and studying, their academic results will also change. As simple as that!

In conclusion, to succeed at school, all you have to do in the whole world is to develop the habits of successful students and let them dominate your life, as long as these habits dominate your life, success will flock to you like bees to honeycomb despite your academic conditions.

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