Saturday, 29 April 2017


Dr. Myles Munroe said “Success is predictable! Failure is also predictable! Success is a result of decisions.” That means you can literally design, plan and predict your academic success. The reason you are getting poor grades at school, failing and falling behind is that you have not yet decided to excel, plan and take consistent progressive actions to get the best grades at school.

Why are you getting poor grades at school?

There are two basic reasons why you are not getting the best grades at school.

·       The first is your desire.
·       The second is your decisions.
·       The third is your habits.

Develop a Strong Burning Desire to Excel

Napoleon Hill said, “The starting point to all success is desire.” The starting point to your academic success is a strong, compelling desire to achieve high and better grades. If you can’t cultivate this desire, nobody can help you.

You need to have a drive to excel; a drive to be the best; a drive to achieve more; a drive to be excellent; a drive to get the best results in any subject of study. You must be obsessed about becoming the best and being at the top in all your academic endeavours.
Highly Successful Students have a strong burning desire to be the best. Unsuccessful students have no burning desire to become the best. It is this lack of desire and drive for success that makes them to get poor grades at school.

Decide to Get the Best Results in All Your Academic Endeavours

Enough is enough! You must get to the top. You’ve got to have a strong burning desire that drives and compels you to move up and achieve your academic goals. But more importantly, you have to decide to make it big!

Success is determined by decisions. You have to decide that you want to get the best grades in every course of your study at school. And when I mean, “Decision”, I mean “I will do it or I will die”. I mean, “No Excuse is Acceptable”.  I mean, “I cannot but to get the best result!”

To decide means you have resolved to achieve the best grades and you are willing to do all that it takes to achieve those results. It means you are willing to go the extra mile to achieve those results. It means you are willing to go against the normal rule and code to achieve your results.

Develop the Habits of Successful Students

Successful students have a set of habits that keeps them at the top. When you develop the habits of highly successful students and maintain those habits, success will follow you like your shadow and you can’t get rid of it.

Your habits, attitudes, way of life, core beliefs and behaviours play a critical role in your academic success! The more you build successful habits and eliminate unsuccessful habits, the better you become and the better your results.

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Thursday, 20 April 2017


We are all human beings, but what differentiates us is our habits. The habits we form make a big difference in our lives. That means until we know how we form habits and how we can eliminate bad habits, we cannot change our lives.

Brain Tracy said, “Successful people are simply those with successful habit.” That means, the difference between the rich and the poor is habits; the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is habits; the difference between the great and the mediocre is habits! To change your lives and make a difference in this world, we need to know the components of habits and how we form habits.

So, what is a habit?

The Cambridge Dictionary says, “Something you do often and regularly without knowing that you are doing it.” In other words, a habit is a daily routine that is practiced unconsciously, producing consistent results in a person’s life.

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Charges Duhigg, the bestselling author of Power of Habits said, “A habit is a formula our brain automatically follows: When I see CUE, I will do ROUTINE in order to get REWARD”. This definition basically explains the component and the operation of habit!

A habit has three components:

                    ·        The Cue—what triggers, motivates and makes us follow a routine.
·       The Routine—the pattern of behaviour or conduct that we follow.
·       The Reward—the benefit or the result we get by following the routine.

So how do we form habits?

Every habit is formed through a trigger. We need something in our lives that makes us to do the things we do to get those results. This is the root cause of every habit—the trigger. You go to work because you want to make money.

“Making money”—the trigger— is what causes you to work up daily to go to work! “Going to work”— is your routine. “You are paid by the end of the month, you become happy”—the reward—this motivates you to keep the habit. As long as everything goes right, you will keep your job for life.

To become an entrepreneur one day, you must have another trigger. Something must then trigger you to conceive a business, start the business and build the business. That is what is called entrepreneurial mission.

Once your trigger and purpose changes, it will change your routine and that will ultimately change your rewards! So, to form new habits, simply question your cue, determine new actions and reward yourself when you follow through on the new habit. This is ultimately how we form habits!

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Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Bad habits corrupts student’s destiny while good habits enhance student’s destiny!

Remember, you are a sum total of your habits. School is not just a place for learning; over 80% of our habits were formed when we were at school. During our time at school, we don’t only learn for life, we form habits for life.

 The quality of your future life is then dependent on the habits we form when we were at school! Again, bad habits corrupts student’s destiny and good habits enhances student’s destiny!

Zig Ziglar said, “All bad habits are formed slowly and gradually and before you know you have the habit, the habit has you.” And Robert Gilbert said, “First we form habits and the habits form us. Conquer your bad habits or they’ll conquer you!” The habits you form today will determine your destiny tomorrow!

What are some of the good habits we form at school? We form the habit of learning, socializing, taking tests, respecting authorities, punctuality, hard working and many more! In one way or another, we also cultivate some bad habits at school through our association. Bad habits such as laziness, stealing, cheating, lying, loneliness, over spending, time wasting, procrastination, rudeness, indiscipline and fearfulness.

At school, you have to watch the habits you are forming. Your destiny after school will be determined by those habits you form. How?

You can write good resume and cover letter and get a good job after school. But if you are lazy, rude and fond of procrastination, your boss will fire you and you’ll sit back at home. You may also find out that you will not climb up in the ladder of career, success and finance.

Your habits also affect your character, relationships and trust rating. People will not trust you if they realize you tell lies and you don’t take your words seriously. Your may create relationships with good people, but those relationships will not grow. All these are as a result of bad habits developed at school.

So watch your habits. Know that bad habits corrupts students destiny. Form good habits that will enhance your character, career, finance, relationship and social life! You can learn more through my latest book: 7 Habits of Highly Successful Students!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017


Why do some students succeed while some students fail?

How amazing it is when you have students of the same age range in the same class, with the same teacher having the same text books but different grades after exams! Doing well at school is not a magic. It is a process and when you follow that process, you cannot but to produce the result.

After being a successful student myself and studying student’s academic performance for over five years, I realized that why some students succeed while some students fail is simply HABITS! The difference in core values, beliefs, attitudes and habits is what differentiate student’s academic performance!

Successful students will be successful despite the school they are attending.
When I was attending Kpong Methodist Junior High School, I was among the top 5 in class. When I was in Manya Krobo Senior High School, I was among the top 5 in class. When I was in Entrepreneurship Training Institute, I was among the top 5 in class. Nothing changed as along as my habits, core values, attitudes and beliefs did not change!

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According to the 90/10 rule of the Pareto Principle, 90% of the reasons students fail at school is internal while the remaining 10% are external. If students deal with the 90% of the internal reasons, the 10% external will automatically deal with itself!

So the question of why some students succeed while some students fail has to do with habits, beliefs, attitude and core values! Once students change their habits and attitude towards schooling and studying, their academic results will also change. As simple as that!

In conclusion, to succeed at school, all you have to do in the whole world is to develop the habits of successful students and let them dominate your life, as long as these habits dominate your life, success will flock to you like bees to honeycomb despite your academic conditions.

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