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To lead and manage yourself, you’ve got to develop the 7 components of intrapersonal intelligence. Intrapersonal Intelligence is simply the ability to understand, manage and lead yourself well. The 7 components of intrapersonal intelligence form the foundation for personal and career success.

In order to succeed in your personal and career life, you have to know yourself. Somebody said, “ Know Thyself”. You can’t lead yourself, without understanding yourself and you can’t understand yourself if you don’t study yourself and finally you can’t study yourself without the 7 components of intrapersonal intelligence.

So what the heck are the 7 components of intrapersonal intelligence?

1.    Self-Awareness: this is simply how well you know yourself. It’s you ability to study and know your strengths and weakness. Highly successful people have a high sense of awareness. Because they know who they are, what they like, what they don’t like and where they’re going in life. It guides them to lead themselves well.

2.    Self-Reflection: To know yourself, you have to review your thoughts, intentions, feelings and abilities. By constantly examining yourself, you’re able to know who you are and this help in your daily decision making.

3.    Self-Control: This is the ability to make yourself do the right thing, whether you feel like doing it or not. You control and discipline your feelings and simply do the right thing.

4.    Self-Motivation: To achieve success in life, you need to be motivated from within to do things. You need a vision and a purpose to drive you to do things. Purpose oriented people are highly self motivated people who become leaders and entrepreneurs in the world.

5.    Self-Confidence: To do what must be done, you need confidence and bravery. When you know who you are, you’re brave and that gives you the courage to excel in whatever you’re trying to do.

6.    Self-Esteem: Many people in life look down on themselves with inferiority complex. The think and feel that they’re not “Good enough!” So they don’t achieve much in life. So achieve greater levels of success, you must develop your self esteem and have superiority complex.

7.    Self-Responsibility: If you know yourself, you have self-confidence. These give you the ability wake up and take full responsibility for your life. You make no excuses, you blame no one, but what you do is to simply take responsibility and change your life and circumstances.

By developing the 7 components of intrapersonal intelligence, you will build the foundation for your personal and career success. This will give you the winning edge in your life and in everything you do.

Written By Francis Sabutey,
Content Writer & Maketer,

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