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Two (2) years ago when I was in third year in the University, I kept a particular green notebook as a journal where I documented my prayer requests, thoughts, feelings, plans, goals , life experiences with the various lessons I learnt from them and many other things of great importance to me. In the course of time, it got filled up, thus I left it and got another book for a journal.

Recently, something happened to me. I had to move to a new residence because of my work. During the period of parking and moving some of my belongings, I came across this old green journal of mine. 

Quickly I picked it and began to go through it. Wow!!! It was a nice time having to flashback on my past though it slowed down the parking I was doing.

In going through it, I saw that God had answered most of my prayer requests and that He deserved my thanksgiving.

Secondly, I realized how slightly I had gone off track with regards to some of my plans and aspirations. Immediately, I resolved in my mind the necessary steps I needed to take in order to align myself with what I had written and voila, the girl is back on track.

Lastly, my face beamed with smiles as I read my past life experiences and the lessons it taught me. The feeling was good.

This is just a few of the many reasons of keeping a journal.

Six Things Keeping a Journal Will Do for You

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1.    Keeping a journal gives you the avenue to write out your goals. The importance of committing our desires to paper cannot be understated. It provides the opportunity to articulate them clearly and makes their achievement appear closer.

2.    Health wise, research has proven that keeping a journal improves ones cognitive functioning such as brainstorming, clarity in thinking and being articulate in speech. This is based on the reason that, the act of writing accesses our left brain which is analytical and rational.

3.    In addition to that, if an individual is struggling with stress, depression or anxiety, keeping a journal can help in gaining control of ones emotions leading to an improvement in the emotional and mental health of the individual.

4.    It also provides accountability. Keeping a journal allows you to track your progress, see how far you have gone and refocus you. Moreover, success attained can be quickly forgotten and so is failure thus having them documented in a journal gives you the chance to refer to them later.
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Nonetheless, it also accelerates one's learning process in life. By writing down your thoughts, achievements, goals, experiences and others, you are taking an additional few minutes to process both what you have learnt and what you want to do and engrain it into your brain or memory

6.    Lastly, keeping a journal is like writing your story.  Thus if rightly shared, can inspire others.

Do you need a motivation to keep a journal? Then think about the following;

“You are a better student when you take notes”

“The shortest line is mightier than the sharpest memory”

“A journal is a friend you can confide in anywhere, anytime and any day without being objected or rejected”

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Written by Yayra E. Dordoh,
Journal Designer & Producer,

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