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Today a lot of people are confused about what exactly a journal and a diary is. Though they are synonymous, there are some differences between them.


From one dictionary definition,

 a diary is a book with spaces for each day of the year in which one can write down things to be done in the day or the future.

Cover Page of an Open Diary
Source: Ebay

With this definition, it is not surprising to see that most books produced and sold on the market as diaries have the year in review written on them boldly and the book pages have the corresponding dates and days of the year already printed in them. Some of the books even have the times of the day in them.

This points out that diary writing is more of a day-to-day writing. It takes into consideration date and time.

An Open Diary 

Now, in a diary, one can record anything ranging from experiences of the day, work schedule for a period( ie. it serving as a planner), just to mention a few.


A journal on the other hand is a book used to record of  of great significance. Any book of ones choice can be used to serve this purpose. This means that , in order to keep a journal one doesn’t need to get a particular or a specific book. Once you get a nice notebook (either small or big), you are good to go.

In a journal, one can record things of value ranging from one’s self assurances, goals, plans and aims. Thus a journal can be use to evaluate the
A journal or a Note Book
life of an individual. Nonetheless, it is also used to record one’s thoughts and reflections.

This makes journaling more topical, topical in the sense that notes of specialty comprising of academics, profession, business or marriage are written in a journal. For instance, an individual can write in his journal his academic goals or marital reflections for future evaluation.

Another thing is that, one can write in a journal whenever there is the desire. And the order of writing isn’t date or time bounded( this means that notes written in them need not necessarily be in chronological order ).

An open Note Book
Source: Savvy Traveller

With these little clarification of what a diary and a journal is, you are good to decide on what you need.

Written by Yayra Dodoh,
Diary & Journal Designer & Producer

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