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It’s true that every serious student attending school desires to do very well. Yet academic success does not come because we want to have success. Academic success comes to students who find the right strategies and techniques and apply them diligently to their academic life.

Francis Sabutey, Founder & CEO of the Living Purpose School has written a great book, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Students designed to enhance the academic success of students. Really, the contents of the book reveal, unveils and unfolds the secrets behind extraordinary academic success.

 7      Habits of Highly Successful Students by Francis Sabutey contains the following:
 Chapter One: 4 Kinds of Students
The Successful Student
The Mid-Range Student
The Least Successful Student
The Unsuccessful Student
The Habit Difference

Chapter Two: The Power of Habits
20 Indiscipline Habits of Students
How Habits Operate
How to Eliminate Bad Habits
Successful Habits of Highly Successful Students

Chapter Three: The Power of Habits
How Self-Discipline Affects Academic Success
How to Develop Self-Discipline Needed to Achieve Academic Success

Chapter Four: The Habit of Respecting Authorities
How Cooperative Effort Improves Academic Performance Students
How to Show Respect to Your Parents
How to Show Respect to Your Teachers
Living in Peace with Your Parents, Teachers, Elders and Peers

Chapter Five: The Habit of Healthy Living
The Four Devils of Good Health
The Ten Habits of Healthy Lifestyle

Chapter Six: The Habit of Effective Organization
The 7 Organizational Skills Every Student Must Master

Chapter Seven: The Habit of Effective Time Management
How Well Are You Managing Your Time
7      Time Management Tips for Students

Chapter Eight: The Habit of Effective & Consistent Studies
Study Habits of Highly Successful Students
Five Kinds of Study Strategies
Developing Consistency in Studies

Chapter Nine: The Habit of Effective Preparation & Test Taking
The Three Test Taking Skills Every Student Must Master
30 Tips to Use When Preparing for Tests
30 Tips to Use When Taking Tests
10 Tips to Use When Evaluating & Learning from Tests


7 Habits of Highly Successful Students has been read and approved by many people

Very insightful & effective,”
 Patch Xiong, Operations Director of Elevate Church & Author of Dead Promise, USA.

“This book would be a guide to all students who are hungry for academic success,”
 Joseph Ofangbe, Executive Director of Young Visionary Leaders Int.

“This book is a guide not only to students, but also for people who wants to have success in their career,”

 Allain Verreault, Energy Control Systems Integration Specialist for General Electric, Msc. In Computer Science at the University of Montreal, Canada.


Currently the book is in two forms: EBooks and Paperback.
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