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LIving Purpose School Programs


The Living Purpose School is privileged to have four programs to enhance the moral, academic and career success of students:

1.    Academic Success Planning Program
2.    Academic Success Coaching Program
3.    Private Tutoring Program
4.    Career Planning Program

Academic Success Planning Program

The Academic Success Planning Program is a one time one-on-one or group coaching program provided in a classroom.

The Academic Success Planning Program focuses on:

1.    Analyzing students performance.
2.    Finding barriers to academic success.
3.    Setting academic goals.
4.    Troubleshooting problems of students poor academic performance.
5.    Finding the academic strengths and weakness of students.
6.    Developing strategic plans to help students achieve academic success.

What are the Contents of the Academic Success Planning Program?

A group of students are taken through a strategic planning session and Strategic Academic Performance Plans are developed for each student to enable them to improve their academic performance. This service can also be provided for students on one-on-one basis.
The Three Modules of the Academic Success Planning Program are set forth below.

1.    Academic Background Assessment: This involves analyzing the academic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats facing the students.

2.    Setting Academic Goal: The Academic Coach will take the student through a goal-setting program to set goals for every area of his academic life!

3.    Developing Strategic Action Plans to Reach the Goals: The Academic Success Coach will help the student in developing strategic actions plans tailored for their situation to achieve academic success.

How Will the Coaching Be Delivered?

The academic coaching session will be delivered via:
·       Skype
·       Google Hangout
·       Phone (Whats-app)
·       Face-to-face (local students)

The Academic Success Coaching Program

The Academic Success Coaching Program is a one-on-one or group interaction between the student(s) and the Academic Success Coach to:
1.    Coach students to develop the academic disciplines and habits.
2.    Coach students to prepare, take tests and excel in their academics.
3.    Develop crucial productivity skills and habits in students.
4.    Hold students accountable to reach goals and dreams.
5.    Motivate them to reach their full academic potential.

Who is the Academic Coaching Program For?

1.    Students who are struggling in their academics.
2.    Students who want to improve their present academic performance.
3.    Students in junior high, senior high school and tertiary institutions.
4.    Students who need assistance to achieve academic success.
5.    Students who are in their final year and want academic coaching to assist them to reach their academic goals.

What are the Results of the Academic Success Coaching Program?

1.    Students will develop successful and productive habits and skills crucial for success.
2.    Students will have tailored study schedule that will promote academic success.
3.    Students will develop the test taking skills to do well in their tests and examinations.
4.    Students will improve in their academics by 40%, 60% and even by 80% upward.
5.    Students will achieve their academic goals and dreams.
6.    Students will develop time management, organization, planning and note-taking skills crucial for success

What are the Contents of the Academic Success Coaching Program?

The Academic Success Coaching Program is a 3-months commitment coaching program designed to enhance the academic performance of students.

There will be a two times private one-on-one weekly coaching session over the three months period. Accountability by the coach will be within the week as well!

The following outlines the contents of the 3-months Academic Success Coaching Program for Moral, Academic & Career Success enhancement of the student:

1.    Study Schedule Development
2.    Study Skills Development
3.    Time Management Skills Development
4.    Organizational Skills Development
5.    Test-Taking Skills Development
6.    Problem Solving Skills Development
7.    The Habit of Self-Discipline Development

1.    Study Schedule Development: The Academic Success Coach works with the student(s) to develop a study schedule that will help the student(s) to reach his or her academic goals and dreams.

2.    Study Skills Development: The Academic Success Coach evaluates the study habits and skills of the student, teaches study skills and strategies that will help them to have an effective study life and do well in their studies.

3.    Time Management Skills Development: Student(s) will be coached to develop excellent time management skills that will help them to excel in their academics and their professional life

4.    Organizational Skills Development: Student(s) will develop excellent organizational skills that will help to manage the demands of academic life.

5.    Test-Taking Skills Development: Student(s) will be coached and trained on how to handle preparation, stress, tension and the fears associated with tests and examinations so they can excel in their academics.

6.    Problem Solving Skills Development: Student(s) will be coached and trained to solve problems independently and find solutions to issues facing their academics.

7.    The Habit of Self-Discipline Development: Student(s) will be coached and trained by the Academic Success Coach to develop the self-discipline required to excel in academic life.
How Will the Coaching Be Delivered?
The academic coaching session will be delivered via:
·       Skype
·       Google Hangout
·       Phone (Whats-app)
·       Face-to-face (local students)

Private Tutoring Programs

The Private Tutoring Program is a private tutoring service provided to help students to develop and perform well in various subject of studies. This service is provided via a Private Tutor designated by the Service Manager to aid and help a student improve in a particular subject.

Private Tutoring Subject Areas

The following are the educational levels that the Private Tutoring Program provides to help students.
1.    Core Subjects for Junior High School
2.    Core Subjects for Senior High School
3.    Successful English Writing Program
4.    English Language Mastery Program

The English Language Mastery Program

About: The English Language Mastery Program is the service provided to help foreigners and local people who want to learn and develop speaking, writing and comprehension skills in English Language.

Duration: This is a 3-months (or more) program aimed at helping the student to enhance his or her understanding and development in speaking, writing and comprehension of English Language.

The Living Purpose School requires the student to make at least 3-month commitment to be successful in developing and gaining skills and comprehension in English Language.

Sessions per Week: There are 3 tutoring sessions per week and a total of 12 tutoring sessions per month. Each session takes 11/2 hrs of time. These sessions will be delivered via Private English Tutor!

Mode of Delivery: This service is provided via online to clients all over the world via Google Hangout. An offline service is also provided to local students who are close by to the operating area. Nonetheless, whichever way, the Living Purpose School is committed to deliver excellence to the students.

The Offline Tutoring Service

Successful offline tutoring service ensures the student to have the following:
1.    A white marker board.
2.    A sound learning environment at home.
3.    A safe and secure place for tutoring.
4.    A pen and pad for taking notes.

The Online Tutoring Service

Successful online tutoring service requires the student to have the following:
1.    A Gmail address.
2.    A Google Hangout account.
3.    An internet connection.
4.    A very good microphone.
5.    A pen and pad to take notes.

Unlimited Email/Whats-app Support Services: The English Language Mastery program also entails a support service via email or what’s-app. Your English Tutor also acts an academic coach to hold you accountable for completing tasks and assignment to do very well.

Exercises and assignments are sent via email or what’s-app to facilitate successful performance and development.

Procedure for Service Delivery: The following outlines the system used by the English Mastery Tutor to help students through the tutoring program.

1.    The initial meeting entails student assessment and evaluation. This is where the tutor assesses the level of the student, his or her weaknesses and strengths and finally develops a strategic approach to deliver the best service to the student.

2.    Study Schedule Panning: After accessing the academic level of the student, the Private English Tutor will develop a study plan and schedule that best meets the needs of the student. This plan and schedule will be sent to the student via email.

3.    English Tutoring Sessions: Based on the study schedule developed, the English Tutor and the student will meet in a tutoring session online/ offline. Through these sessions, the tutor will teach and help the students in the subject of study.

4.    English Lesson Assignments: After each tutoring session, the English Tutor will give the student an assignment. This assignment is meant to best help the student to learn more and understand the lessons that have been taught.

5.    English Lesson Submission: The student shall study and do the assignment given. This assignment shall be submitted via email to the English Tutor (for online students) or in person (for offline students).

6.    Lesson Evaluation & Assessments: Before the next lesson, the tutor will test you by giving you exercise which you will do online or offline. The tutor will check for accuracy and ensure that you have understood the first lesson before going unto the nest lesson. And the cycle continuous.

7.    Next English Lesson: Once you have gain mastery over one topic, your tutor will go on with the e next lesson. New things will be treated and new assignments will be given to you in this lesson.

Career Planning Program

Program Definition: The Career Planning Program is a special coaching system which is designed to help students know who they really are, what they were meant to do and achieve in life, the life they were meant to live; their mission, vision, passion, potentials and how they can re-organize their lives so as to make an impact with their lives.

Purpose of Program: The Career Planning Program is specially designed to help students in the following ways.
1.    To help know themselves better.
2.    To help know their inborn potentials
3.    To help know their true purpose/mission in life.
4.    To help know their true vision/passion in life.
5.    To help organize their dreams in life.
6.    To help get their life organized and achieve more in their lives.
7.    To help create a definite and exciting plan for accomplishing their dreams.
8.    To help discover themselves and make an impact with their lives.
9.    To help begin the process of maximizing their potentials.
10.To help reprioritize their lives and make their dreams come true.
11.To help set realistic goals and begin realizing their potentials.

Challenges to Be Tackled By the Program:
The Career Planning Program is specially designed to resolve the following challenges confronting students in relation to their career life.

1.    Lack of clarity on what to do with their life.
2.    Lack of clarity relating to the purpose of their lives.
3.    Lack of clarity with regards to potentials.
4.    Lack of sense of purpose in life.
5.    Lack of clarity regarding potentials and how to maximize them.
6.    Wandering about in life due to clear guiding vision.
7.    Wrong strategies and priorities with regards to achieving dreams and goals.
8.    Confusions arising with what to do in life.
9.    Wrong priorities leading to low productivities.
10.Poor motivation to achieve academic and career dreams.

Probable Outcomes of the Program: Through careful and excellent execution of the program, participants shall enjoy the following outcomes.

1.    A feeling of excitement and greatness will be created in the participant.
2.    Simplification of life.
3.    Stress will be reduced and participants will be relived.
4.    Focus energy towards pursuing life dreams.
5.    A reference point to make life decisions.
6.    A sense of worth and purpose in life.
7.    An inspiring mission & vision statement for career/professional life.
8.    Well laid and set code of conducts and guiding principles to walk with to reach potential.
9.    Absolute love for oneself and the happiness in life.
10.Graphical representation of life dreams and simple step goals to reach them.
11.Develop passion for one’s dream and calling in life.
12.Core talents, skills and abilities critical for accomplishing the vision will be known.
13.Develop an inner peace to make a great impact with your life.

Career Planning Coaching Program Structure: Basically, this is a two hour and half group coaching program session. One-on-one takes an hour or less.

Strategic Personal Discovery Session: In the personal discovery session, the 10 critical elements which deal with having a deep awareness of oneself and maximizing personal potentials shall be dealt with.
The modules of the career planning program include the following:
1.    True Self-Identity Analysis
2.    True Vision/ Calling Analysis
3.    Preparation/ Avenue Analysis
4.    Passion/Motivation Analysis
5.    Graphical Representation of Personal Dreams
6.    Resources(Skill/Talents/finance/knowledge) Analysis
7.    Defining Personal Mission Statement
8.    Creating Personal Vision Statement
9.    Determining Personal Value Statement.
10.Strategic plan of five to fifteen years of participant’s career life.
11.Guidelines on how to reposition life for impact.

The Strategic Planning Document: This is Strategic Career Plan Document that will be developed for each participant after the program. Each student will have his own personal career plan after the program.

My Satisfaction Guarantee

I feel very strong about these programs that it will change your academic and career life. I guarantee that you will have 100% satisfaction and happiness about the programs. Your academic life and plans about your career life will change dramatically. Your investments are fundable after the first sessions of the program where you realize that you don’t like the program again!!!

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