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Emotional Intelligence, the ability to understand emotions and express the right emotions is crucial to the academic, career and financial success of students. To be successful in life every students needs to develop his or her emotional intelligence.

Once you understand the components of emotional intelligence, the next step for you to take is to develop your emotional intelligence. And when you take the steps to develop your emotional intelligence, on the long run you’ll become assertive, happy, able to solve problems, empathic and self-aware.

The following are the top 10 ways to develop your emotional intelligence.

1.    Spend time in solitude daily and examine your life.

To develop your emotional intelligence, you can’t afford but to engage in the daily practice of solitude. You have to learn to spend at least 30 mins or more alone in quietness to examine your life, and where you’re on a daily basis.

This develops your self-awareness and enables you to accept yourself and find ways and means to solve problems and achieve your goals and dreams.

2.    Give adequate time to mediation and reading something from the Bible always.

It may sound religious but the Bible has changed the lives of countless number of people. Many great men and women who have achieved notable success, has ascribe more of their secrets to success to lessons learn from the Bible.

Eric Thomas in his video said his life changed when he joined the church. The lessons from the Bible changed his life. Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and many other successful men in history found their inspiration by reading the Bible.

3.     Join religious groups and youth clubs on campus.

It’s not just enough to read the Bible, but you must join fellowships and associations. These fellowships and associations help you to become assertive and self-aware. They enable you to develop a strong sense of morality.

My academic and moral life changed when I joined the church honestly. They taught me values and principles that has become the core of my life. The Bible and Fellowship with Christian organizations has become a great key to my personal and professional success.

4.     Be active in groups and focus on being a leader.

To develop your emotional intelligence, you must focus on being a leader. Leadership has to do with the art of being able to influence others. To be able to do that, you must be assertive, self-aware, problem solving and show empathy.

5.  Read on leadership and focus on practicing leadership values and virtues.

Leadership skills and qualities is what you must crave if you intend to make an impact with your life. Skills such as planning, organization, time management and many others are crucial to success. These skills are top when we come to emotional intelligence.

I read on leadership every week and I focus on developing leadership skills and values. Leadership is simply the ability to influence others. If I want to influence and change lives, I must read and develop leadership skills and values.

Source: Sessioncam

6.     Learn to listen to the feelings behind the words people speak.

I is sad that great leaders and great readers. To develop your emotional intelligence, you must learn to read the emotions behind the actions of people. If actions speak louder than words, then emotions speak louder than actions.

You must learn to listen deeply to people when they talk to you. By doing so you can understand their feelings and share their feelings! Empathy is the skill developed as a result of passionate listening to people.

7.     Seek to understand why people do what they do, not to be understood.

A lot of people want to be understood. But you see, if you really want to be understood, you must learn to understand others. Listing patiently and passionately to people while they speak will help you to understand their feelings, motives and intentions.

8.     Engage yourself in discussions and relating with people.

High level social skills are what emotionally intelligent people have. This skill is developed as a result being social. You can’t have social skills if you don’t socialize. Socializing via face-t-face, on phone, internet and any other media helps to develop your social skills and become more emotionally intelligent.

9.     Master courage and ask questions confidently in class and groups.

Fear is one those feelings that slow down emotional intelligence. When your fear goes up, your intelligence will come down. So to develop emotional intelligence, you must learn to be courageous, act boldly and confidently. These helps you to become more emotionally intelligent.

       10.  Learn to control your feelings and motivate yourself to do difficult things.

Self-motivation is key! Ability to motivate yourself to keep going when the going gets tough is a sign of high emotional intelligence. You must learn to encourage and motivate yourself with graceful words that puts springs into your body and fire in your bones.

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