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Emotional intelligence remains a great pillar and foundation for career and financial success. Emotional intelligence accounts for 95% of career and financial success. Students must therefore focus on the development of their emotional intelligence inasmuch as they develop their academic intelligence.

To develop the emotional intelligence, we have to first understand the components of intelligence and how they operate. Once we understand how emotional intelligence operates, we can use the knowledge and understanding to develop it.

Emotional intelligence is simply your ability to understand and handing your feelings very well; emotions such as love, hate, anger, fear, faith, hatred, envy, empathy, patience, and others. Your success in life is dependent on your ability to understand and use these feelings appropriately.

Emotional Intelligence can further be divided into two parts:

1.    Intra-Personal Intelligence
2.    Inter-Personal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence: This is your ability to understand and handle your own feelings appropriately. It involves your ability manage your feelings and achieve your goals and dreams. This accounts for your personal success in life.

Interpersonal Intelligence: This is your ability to understand and handle the feelings of others appropriately. It involves your ability read and respond to the emotions of people. The more you understand and respond to the feelings of others well, the better you’ll behave towards them.

To be able to understand and handle feelings well, you’ve got to understand the 5 components of emotional intelligence:

1.    Ability to Perceive Emotions
2.    Ability to Control Emotions
3.    Ability to Evaluate Emotions
4.    Ability to Express Emotions
5.    Ability to Handle Emotions

Ability to Perceive Emotions

Your emotional intelligence begins with your ability to recognize and define your own emotions and that of others. You must know clearly what emotions are being displayed at a particular point in time. If you don’t know it, you can’t manage it.

To be able to do this, you must understand and know the signs and signals of various emotions—love, grieve, hatred, envy, jealousy, bitterness, fear, boldness, empathy, sympathy. You must be able to recognize the emotion at hand and define it clearly.

Ability to Evaluate Emotions

Once you’re able to perceive the emotion, you must evaluate it. You must find out the cause of that emotion and how it is affecting you or others. If you can’t evaluate your emotions, your emotions will run your life without your knowledge.

You’ve got to ask yourself: Where from these feeling? How come? How is this feeling affecting me? Why am I feeling like this? Once you ask these questions, it will force to evaluate and understand the emotion; this will lead you to control it.

Ability to Control Emotions

Once you understand your emotions through evaluation, control it. Remember, if you don’t control your emotions, your emotions will control you. So you must learn to control your emotions once you understand what’s happening to you.

Now, you can’t control someone else’s emotions, but you can control your own emotions. However, you can influence the emotions of others. Your success is in your own hands and it’s in your ability to control yourself and express the right emotions at the right time.

Ability to Express Emotions

There’s nothing as evil as understanding your emotions and not controlling yourself to express the right emotions that help you to achieve the right results. You’re in charge of your emotions, you can choose to restrain the emotion of anger and express the emotion of patience.

For example when somebody hurts you, what do you do? You have a choice: you can choose to express the emotion of hatred towards the person and hate him and her or you have the ability to express the emotion of love and forgive the person. The choice is yours!

Your decisions finally determine the emotions you express at a particular moment. Your understanding of your emotions helps you to express the right emotions.

Ability to Handle Emotions of Others

You can’t control other people’s feelings, but you can handle and influence their feelings through your actions and reactions. Newton’s Law of Motion said, “Actions and reactions are equal and opposite”.

Well emotion is another form of motion—e-motion. Emotion is simply feelings in motion. When your feelings are at work, that’s emotion! And emotional intelligence simply means your ability to understand and put the right feelings to work so that you can get the right results.

If you understand the feelings of others at the moment, you can handle their feelings by expressing the right actions and emotions that will influence them to behave and act well. Your emotions affect the actions and reacts of other.

You can make people act well by expressing the right emotions. You can also make people act wrongly by expressing the wrong emotions. The way people react towards you is dependent on the emotions you express and the actions that follow it! The choice is yours!!!

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