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What if you can change your life in one day, what would you like to change? What if you can achieve your dreams in one day, what dream would you achieve? Once you know what you want to change or achieve in your life, then you must apply the magic secret: the power of imagination to it!

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Imagination rules the world”! Your imagination rules your life. In fact, you become exactly what you imagine yourself to be. A scripture in the Bible said, “…and nothing they have imagined to do will be impossible for them”. The very first step to making your dreams a reality is to imagine it happen. You must see it, feel it, keep it, imbibe it and get consumed by it!

Now imagination is a clear mental picture of an outcome that we have in the mind.  Imagination takes place in the mind and operates by the Law of the Picture as stated in John Maxwell’s book, 12 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, “People see, people do!” You begin to do what you continuously see and imagine in your mind—that’s why vision is important!

The Law of Correspondence as stated in Brian Tracy’s Book, “100 Irrefutable Laws of Business Success says, “As within so without”. When you imagine something and keep it in your mind, that picture goes into your subconscious mind. When that picture gets into your subconscious mind and stays there for long, it begins to take root in your mind.

Once this picture gains root in your mind, it begins to control and cause you to do the very things that you must do so that picture becomes your present reality. To achieve your dream, you must deploy the power of imagination. So today, we shall learn five keys to use the power of imagination to achieve your dreams.

1.     See it: See the dream in your mind. Picture it! Create a mental picture of the exact thing that you want in your mind. Make sure you have a clear picture of the very thing you want to achieve in your mind. Do this exercise as often as you can!

2.     Feel it: Not only must you see it, you must also feel it. Feel as though you have already got it. Generate an unusual feeling towards the very thing that you want! Your feelings are very powerful. It is your feeling that gives power to your vision! Your feelings push the vision you have in your mind into your subconscious mind!

3.     Keep it: Now, you need to keep that picture and that feeling in your mind. You’ve got to keep seeing it and keep feeling it! Don’t stop seeing it and don’t stop feeling as though you have gotten it—keep at it! The power you do it, the more it forms root in your subconscious mind!

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4.     Imbibe it: Not only must you keep seeing and feeling it; you must also imbibe and ingrained that picture into your mind through the process of meditation. Meditation is the act of pondering about something—thinking deeply and talking about it undertone! As long as you do this, you cause that thought to get ingrained in your subconscious mind!

5.     Consume it: This is the final stage in the imagination process. Become consumed about the picture you have in your mind. If you go through the process up to the fourth step, the final step will follow naturally. At this very stage, you develop an unusual obsession and hunger for your dream that you can’t afford but to get it! This is where persistence, diligence and determination are born!

I trust by applying these simple principles of imagination you can be able to translate your dream to reality. 

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