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Basically, there are two kinds of intelligence that influences academic, career, marital and social success. The more you develop these intelligence, the higher your success rate in doing very well in life.

School is a preparatory ground for real life in the real world. The essence of school is to groom, prepare and develop students to become responsible people in the future and make great exploits in life.

In order to build a strong and thriving future life, there are two kinds of intelligence every student must focus on developing to become successful in his or her academic, career, relationship and social life: Academic Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence.

Academic Intelligence, IQ can be developed. It is simply an ability built into us by God. As human beings we have the ability to learn, think, reason, memorize and remember. No other living thing can do this. Why? They don’t have this ability.

Every student has an academic intelligence. Your job as a student is to develop that intelligence. Academically intelligent students are simply students who have developed their academic intelligence. Thus, they do very well in their academic life.

Academic Intelligence

Well, what’s academic intelligence? It’s simply your ability to read, understand, study, learn, analyze and memorize information. Academic intelligence deals with your ability to acquire, understand and keep records of information. And every student has that ability! You just have to develop it!

The essence of the Living Purpose School is to enhance the academic performance of students which means we have to help students to develop their academic intelligence. This is often done through the Academic Success Coaching Program.

The following are 10 ways to develop your academic intelligence.

1.     Be punctual and regular in going to classes.
2.     Take notes in class while the teacher is teaching.
3.     Preview the lesson before going to class.
4.     Ask questions in class to gain more understanding.
5.     Read and study your notes after the lessons.
6.     Make notes from notes given in class in your personal studies.
7.     Commit to a consistent, undistracted and effective personal study.
8.     Join study groups and learn with other peers in the group.
9.     Pay attention in class while the teaching is teaching.
10.  Prepare effectively for next lesson, quizzes, exams, tests and exams.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, on the way round is the kind of intelligence that supports your academic intelligence. Your academic success can be built as you focus on developing yourself. Research has shown that 90% of success in life is Emotional EQ and 10% is academic intelligence, IQ.

Academic intelligence focuses on developing your rational brain. Emotional intelligence focuses on developing your emotional brain. Psychologists have discovered that we often feel and act before we think. That places emotional intelligence on top of academic intelligence because your feelings determine your actions and your actions determines your results.

SO what’s emotional intelligence? Emotional Intelligence, EQ is your ability to perceive, evaluate, control and express emotions. It has to do with your ability to understanding feelings and handle it appropriately.

Feelings such as anger, greed, jealousy, envy, fear, faith, happiness, joy, bitterness, high self sense of worth, empathy, courage, boldness and the like are fundamental to success in every sphere of life. The more you understand and handle these emotions well, the higher you’ll go in life.

The following are 10 ways to develop your emotional intelligence.

1.     Spend time in solitude daily and examine your life.
2.     Give adequate time to mediation and reading something from the Bible always.
3.     Join religious groups and youth clubs on campus.
4.     Be active in groups and focus on being a leader.
5.     Read on leadership and focus on practicing leadership values and virtues.
6.     Learn to listen to the feelings behind the words people speak.
7.     Seek to understand why people do what they do, not to be understood.
8.     Engage yourself in discussions and relating with people.
9.     Master courage and ask questions confidently in class and groups.
10.  Learn to control your feelings and motivate yourself to do difficult things.

As you do these things repeatedly, little by little, slowly you’ll be developing your academic and emotional intelligence. The more you develop your intelligence, the more you’ll improve in your academic, career, relationship and social life.

Seek to be a student of information and emotions and as long as you study these things, your academic and emotional intelligence will grow. This growth will affect every area in your life and you’ll achieve astounding success in life.

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