Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Every human being born into this world was born with a potential to make a difference in a particular field of life. That potential is the golden treasure the Almighty has deposited into him/her. The job of the person on earth is to discover and unleash his/her potential!

All that you will be; all that you’ll ever be is hidden inside you. The stems, roots and fruits of a seed proceeds from a single seed. That means the potential of the seed is trapped in the seed itself. Your greatness, your future and your glory is all hidden in you!

The very first step and last to become the best of you is to discover and unleash your potential. Once your do this, you’ll find that your life is becoming better and better and you’re going higher and higher!

There are 7 ways to unleash your potential and become the best of you!

1.    Discover Your True Self

To unleash your potential and become and the best of you, you’ve got to discover your true self. You must come to know who you really are. It’s ok to know other people and to learn from them, but do you really know yourself?

Who are you? Where are you coming from? What are you capable of doing? What on earth are you here for and finally, where is your life going to?

You must discover your self-identity and Source, God. You have to also discover your capabilities. If you can develop one of your talents and become the best at it in the whole world what would it be? What is the purpose and mission of your life?

2.    Invest Time, Money & Energy into the Development of Yourself

There’s only one important thing in your life. What’s it? That’s you. To be successful and become the best of yourself, you must invest in yourself.

You have to invest your money into education, training and development of yourself. The Latin word educo of the English word educate means, “to develop from within”. If you’re going to develop from within you, you must invest your time and energy into learning and working on yourself.

The more you work on yourself, the better you’ll become. The more you invest in yourself, the more valuable you’ll become. And the more valuable you become the more value you provide and the more in-demand you become, making you successful!

3.    Pursue Excellence

If you want to unleash your potential, you must always strive to be excellent in what you do. Excellent simply means to excel. Whatever you do, try as much as possible to do it to the highest standard and levels of success.

The more you strive for excellence, the more you bring the best out of you.

Source: Board of Wisdom

4.    Continuously Improve

If you are going to unleash your potential, then you must continuously improve. You have to develop the habit of continuous learning and continuous improvement. The more you learn, the more you acquire the knowledge and the understanding to make improvements on what you have done.

Without the key of continuous improvement, in fact you’ll become obsolete. To stay relevant in your field, you must learn new things and be abreast with the last, modern ways of doing things. You of course have to invest in different kinds of research and on-the-job training.

5.    Have Integrity

Without integrity, you cannot unleash your potential. To be the best, you must first be the best person. That means you have to “become brutally honest with yourself”, says Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks.

You have to tell the truth and live the truth. “You can fool some of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all the people”, said Steve Jobs. To unleash your potential, you live in truth with yourself and with others. Remember, life is about people. So deal truthfully with them!

6.    Multiply One Talent

The key to maximizing and unleashing your potential is to first of focus on one talent. Develop that talent to the apex. In the course of the development, that talent will stir up other talents and abilities n you that you have no idea of.

So focus on one talent and become the very best at it. As you do these, other hidden potentials in you will also be unearth to fruitfulness.

7.    Get the Assistance of a Coach or Mentor

The essence of coaching is to help bring the best in you. What a coach does is to improve the performance of his/her clients. The coach focuses on unleashing the hidden potential of his/her people.

Find the area you want to develop in, get a coach or a mentor that can help you to develop and improve in that area. Remember, every great star has a great mentor and coach behind his success.

The whole essence of life is for us to discover and unleash our potential. Your potential is simply a latent, untapped and a hidden ability inside you. It’s who you can be but are not right now! What if you could be the best in what you, how would you be?

Success in life is all about unleashing your potential. Once you focus on you: discovering and unleashing the potential in you, success will flock to you like bees to honeycomb.

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