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What set of habits do you have? Are your habits keeping and pushing you to the top or keeping and pushing you to the bottom? Success is a daily thing! Success comes through the things we do on daily basis!

Students in a class can be put into four categories: the highly successful students, the mid-range students, the least successful students and the unsuccessful students. Successful students have a set of habits that keeps them at the top and the unsuccessful students have a set of habits that keeps them at the bottom!

So what are the set of habits that successful students have? What are the set of habits that keeps and pushes successful students to the top?

Ok! Let’s now look at the 7 habits of highly successful students.

1.    The Habit of Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the first and foremost habit that every successful person has; be it in school, work, sports or in politics. Without self-discipline, you are not going anywhere! If you can’t discipline yourself to do what it takes to be successful, then you’re not going to be successful!

Self-discipline is your ability to make yourself do what must be done; at the right time whether you feel like doing it or you don’t feel doing it! It’s the single most important factor that guarantees your academic and career success!

Successful students discipline themselves, to take notes in class, engage in personal studies, prepare adequately for tests and exams, pay attention in class, honour their parents and teachers and many more! These things make them successful and give them the winning edge over others in the class!

2.    The Habit of High Self-Esteem

Every successful student has high self-esteem. They don’t have low self esteem! I’ve come to realize that the level of your self-esteem directly affects the level of your productivity! When you have low self esteem, you will tend to have low results. When you have high self-esteem, you’ll tend to have better results.

Your self esteem is the way you think and feel about yourself. If you think you’re worthy and deserving to become the best in a subject, that mindset and emotional feeling will empower to become the best in that subject.

At the same time, if you think that you’re a failure and you can’t make it, that mindset and feeling will reduce your morale to study and make it! Thus, your own evaluation of your abilities defeating you!

High self esteem is derived primarily from an inspiring mission for studies. You must have a great why for being in school and studying. When I was in college, my mission was to: “To learn, understand and apply to work so I could become the best in what I do”

As a result I’m always motivated and inspired to learn. I study hard and have deeper understanding of the subject. Thus, I perform better than my friends in class!

3.    The Habit of Healthy Living

“A sound mind is in a healthy body” as they say, successful students first of all live a healthy lifestyle. Health is wealth. Without health, a successful student can’t even have the peace of mind to study his books, go to classes and do well in school.

Successful students have the habits of eating good foods; taking balanced diets. They take a good rest about 6 to 7 hours per night. They abstain from caffeine which weakens the body and does not make their mind alert.  They also abstain from alcohol and smoke which destroys the body.

They exercise regularly and keep their bodies fit and strong. They take the right medications to keep them strong and active. They obey all healthy living rules and take their health seriously.

Source: Stanfield

4.    The Habit of Effective Time Management

“You get what you spend your time on,” said Mark Zukerberg. Successful students are excellent time managers and unsuccessful students are poor time managers. Excellent time management requires you to set goals and devote your time and energy at doing those things that will lead to the accomplishment of your goals.

Successful students have study time tables, calendars, note books for recording assignments given in class. They report to class early and leave late. They use time wisely by investing in things that will help them to reach their academic goals and dreams.

5.    The Habit of Effective Organization

Successful people are organized people. So successful students know how to organize school activities, home, entertainment, social activities and religious meetings! They live a well-balanced life because they organize their activities well.

They set their priorities straight and stick to them. They organize their activities in their order of sequence and importance. They focus their energies on achieving those things they have planned to achieve. As a result, they emerge as winners and the successful in school!

6.    The Habit of Effective & Consistent Studies

Every student must study. It’s from the word “study” that we have the word “student”. The more you study and the more effective your studies, the more successful you will be as a student. There’s no miracle about this.

Successful students have a study schedule that they use to study. They don’t study because they feel like studying. They have planned their studies and organized it in a professional manner. They make it effective by ensuring that they are not distracted and disturbed by any other activity during study periods.

7.    The Habit of Effective Preparation

The very last successful habit of successful students is effective preparation. Brian Tracy, author of 100 Unbreakable Laws of Business Success said, “Effective performance is preceded by painstaking preparation”.

Successful students form the habit of effective preparation. They are proactive. They prepare for class. They prepare for their personal studies. They prepare for quizzes and tests. They take ample time to revise their notes thoroughly before exams. They don’t just prepare, they prepare effectively!

As a result of these things they excel and end at being the top! To be a successful student, all you need to do is to cultivate the habits that successful students have. Then you let those habits be your masters and rule your life. The more those habits dominate your life; the more success will dominate your academic and career life!

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