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Emotional Intelligence, the ability to understand emotions and express the right emotions is crucial to the academic, career and financial success of students. To be successful in life every students needs to develop his or her emotional intelligence.

Once you understand the components of emotional intelligence, the next step for you to take is to develop your emotional intelligence. And when you take the steps to develop your emotional intelligence, on the long run you’ll become assertive, happy, able to solve problems, empathic and self-aware.

The following are the top 10 ways to develop your emotional intelligence.

1.    Spend time in solitude daily and examine your life.

To develop your emotional intelligence, you can’t afford but to engage in the daily practice of solitude. You have to learn to spend at least 30 mins or more alone in quietness to examine your life, and where you’re on a daily basis.

This develops your self-awareness and enables you to accept yourself and find ways and means to solve problems and achieve your goals and dreams.

2.    Give adequate time to mediation and reading something from the Bible always.

It may sound religious but the Bible has changed the lives of countless number of people. Many great men and women who have achieved notable success, has ascribe more of their secrets to success to lessons learn from the Bible.

Eric Thomas in his video said his life changed when he joined the church. The lessons from the Bible changed his life. Jim Rohn, Les Brown, and many other successful men in history found their inspiration by reading the Bible.

3.     Join religious groups and youth clubs on campus.

It’s not just enough to read the Bible, but you must join fellowships and associations. These fellowships and associations help you to become assertive and self-aware. They enable you to develop a strong sense of morality.

My academic and moral life changed when I joined the church honestly. They taught me values and principles that has become the core of my life. The Bible and Fellowship with Christian organizations has become a great key to my personal and professional success.

4.     Be active in groups and focus on being a leader.

To develop your emotional intelligence, you must focus on being a leader. Leadership has to do with the art of being able to influence others. To be able to do that, you must be assertive, self-aware, problem solving and show empathy.

5.  Read on leadership and focus on practicing leadership values and virtues.

Leadership skills and qualities is what you must crave if you intend to make an impact with your life. Skills such as planning, organization, time management and many others are crucial to success. These skills are top when we come to emotional intelligence.

I read on leadership every week and I focus on developing leadership skills and values. Leadership is simply the ability to influence others. If I want to influence and change lives, I must read and develop leadership skills and values.

Source: Sessioncam

6.     Learn to listen to the feelings behind the words people speak.

I is sad that great leaders and great readers. To develop your emotional intelligence, you must learn to read the emotions behind the actions of people. If actions speak louder than words, then emotions speak louder than actions.

You must learn to listen deeply to people when they talk to you. By doing so you can understand their feelings and share their feelings! Empathy is the skill developed as a result of passionate listening to people.

7.     Seek to understand why people do what they do, not to be understood.

A lot of people want to be understood. But you see, if you really want to be understood, you must learn to understand others. Listing patiently and passionately to people while they speak will help you to understand their feelings, motives and intentions.

8.     Engage yourself in discussions and relating with people.

High level social skills are what emotionally intelligent people have. This skill is developed as a result being social. You can’t have social skills if you don’t socialize. Socializing via face-t-face, on phone, internet and any other media helps to develop your social skills and become more emotionally intelligent.

9.     Master courage and ask questions confidently in class and groups.

Fear is one those feelings that slow down emotional intelligence. When your fear goes up, your intelligence will come down. So to develop emotional intelligence, you must learn to be courageous, act boldly and confidently. These helps you to become more emotionally intelligent.

       10.  Learn to control your feelings and motivate yourself to do difficult things.

Self-motivation is key! Ability to motivate yourself to keep going when the going gets tough is a sign of high emotional intelligence. You must learn to encourage and motivate yourself with graceful words that puts springs into your body and fire in your bones.

Monday, 19 December 2016


What if you can change your life in one day, what would you like to change? What if you can achieve your dreams in one day, what dream would you achieve? Once you know what you want to change or achieve in your life, then you must apply the magic secret: the power of imagination to it!

Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Imagination rules the world”! Your imagination rules your life. In fact, you become exactly what you imagine yourself to be. A scripture in the Bible said, “…and nothing they have imagined to do will be impossible for them”. The very first step to making your dreams a reality is to imagine it happen. You must see it, feel it, keep it, imbibe it and get consumed by it!

Now imagination is a clear mental picture of an outcome that we have in the mind.  Imagination takes place in the mind and operates by the Law of the Picture as stated in John Maxwell’s book, 12 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, “People see, people do!” You begin to do what you continuously see and imagine in your mind—that’s why vision is important!

The Law of Correspondence as stated in Brian Tracy’s Book, “100 Irrefutable Laws of Business Success says, “As within so without”. When you imagine something and keep it in your mind, that picture goes into your subconscious mind. When that picture gets into your subconscious mind and stays there for long, it begins to take root in your mind.

Once this picture gains root in your mind, it begins to control and cause you to do the very things that you must do so that picture becomes your present reality. To achieve your dream, you must deploy the power of imagination. So today, we shall learn five keys to use the power of imagination to achieve your dreams.

1.     See it: See the dream in your mind. Picture it! Create a mental picture of the exact thing that you want in your mind. Make sure you have a clear picture of the very thing you want to achieve in your mind. Do this exercise as often as you can!

2.     Feel it: Not only must you see it, you must also feel it. Feel as though you have already got it. Generate an unusual feeling towards the very thing that you want! Your feelings are very powerful. It is your feeling that gives power to your vision! Your feelings push the vision you have in your mind into your subconscious mind!

3.     Keep it: Now, you need to keep that picture and that feeling in your mind. You’ve got to keep seeing it and keep feeling it! Don’t stop seeing it and don’t stop feeling as though you have gotten it—keep at it! The power you do it, the more it forms root in your subconscious mind!

Source: thequotepedia

4.     Imbibe it: Not only must you keep seeing and feeling it; you must also imbibe and ingrained that picture into your mind through the process of meditation. Meditation is the act of pondering about something—thinking deeply and talking about it undertone! As long as you do this, you cause that thought to get ingrained in your subconscious mind!

5.     Consume it: This is the final stage in the imagination process. Become consumed about the picture you have in your mind. If you go through the process up to the fourth step, the final step will follow naturally. At this very stage, you develop an unusual obsession and hunger for your dream that you can’t afford but to get it! This is where persistence, diligence and determination are born!

I trust by applying these simple principles of imagination you can be able to translate your dream to reality. 

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Emotional intelligence remains a great pillar and foundation for career and financial success. Emotional intelligence accounts for 95% of career and financial success. Students must therefore focus on the development of their emotional intelligence inasmuch as they develop their academic intelligence.

To develop the emotional intelligence, we have to first understand the components of intelligence and how they operate. Once we understand how emotional intelligence operates, we can use the knowledge and understanding to develop it.

Emotional intelligence is simply your ability to understand and handing your feelings very well; emotions such as love, hate, anger, fear, faith, hatred, envy, empathy, patience, and others. Your success in life is dependent on your ability to understand and use these feelings appropriately.

Emotional Intelligence can further be divided into two parts:

1.    Intra-Personal Intelligence
2.    Inter-Personal Intelligence

Intrapersonal Intelligence: This is your ability to understand and handle your own feelings appropriately. It involves your ability manage your feelings and achieve your goals and dreams. This accounts for your personal success in life.

Interpersonal Intelligence: This is your ability to understand and handle the feelings of others appropriately. It involves your ability read and respond to the emotions of people. The more you understand and respond to the feelings of others well, the better you’ll behave towards them.

To be able to understand and handle feelings well, you’ve got to understand the 5 components of emotional intelligence:

1.    Ability to Perceive Emotions
2.    Ability to Control Emotions
3.    Ability to Evaluate Emotions
4.    Ability to Express Emotions
5.    Ability to Handle Emotions

Ability to Perceive Emotions

Your emotional intelligence begins with your ability to recognize and define your own emotions and that of others. You must know clearly what emotions are being displayed at a particular point in time. If you don’t know it, you can’t manage it.

To be able to do this, you must understand and know the signs and signals of various emotions—love, grieve, hatred, envy, jealousy, bitterness, fear, boldness, empathy, sympathy. You must be able to recognize the emotion at hand and define it clearly.

Ability to Evaluate Emotions

Once you’re able to perceive the emotion, you must evaluate it. You must find out the cause of that emotion and how it is affecting you or others. If you can’t evaluate your emotions, your emotions will run your life without your knowledge.

You’ve got to ask yourself: Where from these feeling? How come? How is this feeling affecting me? Why am I feeling like this? Once you ask these questions, it will force to evaluate and understand the emotion; this will lead you to control it.

Ability to Control Emotions

Once you understand your emotions through evaluation, control it. Remember, if you don’t control your emotions, your emotions will control you. So you must learn to control your emotions once you understand what’s happening to you.

Now, you can’t control someone else’s emotions, but you can control your own emotions. However, you can influence the emotions of others. Your success is in your own hands and it’s in your ability to control yourself and express the right emotions at the right time.

Ability to Express Emotions

There’s nothing as evil as understanding your emotions and not controlling yourself to express the right emotions that help you to achieve the right results. You’re in charge of your emotions, you can choose to restrain the emotion of anger and express the emotion of patience.

For example when somebody hurts you, what do you do? You have a choice: you can choose to express the emotion of hatred towards the person and hate him and her or you have the ability to express the emotion of love and forgive the person. The choice is yours!

Your decisions finally determine the emotions you express at a particular moment. Your understanding of your emotions helps you to express the right emotions.

Ability to Handle Emotions of Others

You can’t control other people’s feelings, but you can handle and influence their feelings through your actions and reactions. Newton’s Law of Motion said, “Actions and reactions are equal and opposite”.

Well emotion is another form of motion—e-motion. Emotion is simply feelings in motion. When your feelings are at work, that’s emotion! And emotional intelligence simply means your ability to understand and put the right feelings to work so that you can get the right results.

If you understand the feelings of others at the moment, you can handle their feelings by expressing the right actions and emotions that will influence them to behave and act well. Your emotions affect the actions and reacts of other.

You can make people act well by expressing the right emotions. You can also make people act wrongly by expressing the wrong emotions. The way people react towards you is dependent on the emotions you express and the actions that follow it! The choice is yours!!!

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Basically, there are two kinds of intelligence that influences academic, career, marital and social success. The more you develop these intelligence, the higher your success rate in doing very well in life.

School is a preparatory ground for real life in the real world. The essence of school is to groom, prepare and develop students to become responsible people in the future and make great exploits in life.

In order to build a strong and thriving future life, there are two kinds of intelligence every student must focus on developing to become successful in his or her academic, career, relationship and social life: Academic Intelligence & Emotional Intelligence.

Academic Intelligence, IQ can be developed. It is simply an ability built into us by God. As human beings we have the ability to learn, think, reason, memorize and remember. No other living thing can do this. Why? They don’t have this ability.

Every student has an academic intelligence. Your job as a student is to develop that intelligence. Academically intelligent students are simply students who have developed their academic intelligence. Thus, they do very well in their academic life.

Academic Intelligence

Well, what’s academic intelligence? It’s simply your ability to read, understand, study, learn, analyze and memorize information. Academic intelligence deals with your ability to acquire, understand and keep records of information. And every student has that ability! You just have to develop it!

The essence of the Living Purpose School is to enhance the academic performance of students which means we have to help students to develop their academic intelligence. This is often done through the Academic Success Coaching Program.

The following are 10 ways to develop your academic intelligence.

1.     Be punctual and regular in going to classes.
2.     Take notes in class while the teacher is teaching.
3.     Preview the lesson before going to class.
4.     Ask questions in class to gain more understanding.
5.     Read and study your notes after the lessons.
6.     Make notes from notes given in class in your personal studies.
7.     Commit to a consistent, undistracted and effective personal study.
8.     Join study groups and learn with other peers in the group.
9.     Pay attention in class while the teaching is teaching.
10.  Prepare effectively for next lesson, quizzes, exams, tests and exams.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence, on the way round is the kind of intelligence that supports your academic intelligence. Your academic success can be built as you focus on developing yourself. Research has shown that 90% of success in life is Emotional EQ and 10% is academic intelligence, IQ.

Academic intelligence focuses on developing your rational brain. Emotional intelligence focuses on developing your emotional brain. Psychologists have discovered that we often feel and act before we think. That places emotional intelligence on top of academic intelligence because your feelings determine your actions and your actions determines your results.

SO what’s emotional intelligence? Emotional Intelligence, EQ is your ability to perceive, evaluate, control and express emotions. It has to do with your ability to understanding feelings and handle it appropriately.

Feelings such as anger, greed, jealousy, envy, fear, faith, happiness, joy, bitterness, high self sense of worth, empathy, courage, boldness and the like are fundamental to success in every sphere of life. The more you understand and handle these emotions well, the higher you’ll go in life.

The following are 10 ways to develop your emotional intelligence.

1.     Spend time in solitude daily and examine your life.
2.     Give adequate time to mediation and reading something from the Bible always.
3.     Join religious groups and youth clubs on campus.
4.     Be active in groups and focus on being a leader.
5.     Read on leadership and focus on practicing leadership values and virtues.
6.     Learn to listen to the feelings behind the words people speak.
7.     Seek to understand why people do what they do, not to be understood.
8.     Engage yourself in discussions and relating with people.
9.     Master courage and ask questions confidently in class and groups.
10.  Learn to control your feelings and motivate yourself to do difficult things.

As you do these things repeatedly, little by little, slowly you’ll be developing your academic and emotional intelligence. The more you develop your intelligence, the more you’ll improve in your academic, career, relationship and social life.

Seek to be a student of information and emotions and as long as you study these things, your academic and emotional intelligence will grow. This growth will affect every area in your life and you’ll achieve astounding success in life.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016


Every human being born into this world was born with a potential to make a difference in a particular field of life. That potential is the golden treasure the Almighty has deposited into him/her. The job of the person on earth is to discover and unleash his/her potential!

All that you will be; all that you’ll ever be is hidden inside you. The stems, roots and fruits of a seed proceeds from a single seed. That means the potential of the seed is trapped in the seed itself. Your greatness, your future and your glory is all hidden in you!

The very first step and last to become the best of you is to discover and unleash your potential. Once your do this, you’ll find that your life is becoming better and better and you’re going higher and higher!

There are 7 ways to unleash your potential and become the best of you!

1.    Discover Your True Self

To unleash your potential and become and the best of you, you’ve got to discover your true self. You must come to know who you really are. It’s ok to know other people and to learn from them, but do you really know yourself?

Who are you? Where are you coming from? What are you capable of doing? What on earth are you here for and finally, where is your life going to?

You must discover your self-identity and Source, God. You have to also discover your capabilities. If you can develop one of your talents and become the best at it in the whole world what would it be? What is the purpose and mission of your life?

2.    Invest Time, Money & Energy into the Development of Yourself

There’s only one important thing in your life. What’s it? That’s you. To be successful and become the best of yourself, you must invest in yourself.

You have to invest your money into education, training and development of yourself. The Latin word educo of the English word educate means, “to develop from within”. If you’re going to develop from within you, you must invest your time and energy into learning and working on yourself.

The more you work on yourself, the better you’ll become. The more you invest in yourself, the more valuable you’ll become. And the more valuable you become the more value you provide and the more in-demand you become, making you successful!

3.    Pursue Excellence

If you want to unleash your potential, you must always strive to be excellent in what you do. Excellent simply means to excel. Whatever you do, try as much as possible to do it to the highest standard and levels of success.

The more you strive for excellence, the more you bring the best out of you.

Source: Board of Wisdom

4.    Continuously Improve

If you are going to unleash your potential, then you must continuously improve. You have to develop the habit of continuous learning and continuous improvement. The more you learn, the more you acquire the knowledge and the understanding to make improvements on what you have done.

Without the key of continuous improvement, in fact you’ll become obsolete. To stay relevant in your field, you must learn new things and be abreast with the last, modern ways of doing things. You of course have to invest in different kinds of research and on-the-job training.

5.    Have Integrity

Without integrity, you cannot unleash your potential. To be the best, you must first be the best person. That means you have to “become brutally honest with yourself”, says Mark Cuban, owner of Dallas Mavericks.

You have to tell the truth and live the truth. “You can fool some of the people some of the time. But you can’t fool all the people”, said Steve Jobs. To unleash your potential, you live in truth with yourself and with others. Remember, life is about people. So deal truthfully with them!

6.    Multiply One Talent

The key to maximizing and unleashing your potential is to first of focus on one talent. Develop that talent to the apex. In the course of the development, that talent will stir up other talents and abilities n you that you have no idea of.

So focus on one talent and become the very best at it. As you do these, other hidden potentials in you will also be unearth to fruitfulness.

7.    Get the Assistance of a Coach or Mentor

The essence of coaching is to help bring the best in you. What a coach does is to improve the performance of his/her clients. The coach focuses on unleashing the hidden potential of his/her people.

Find the area you want to develop in, get a coach or a mentor that can help you to develop and improve in that area. Remember, every great star has a great mentor and coach behind his success.

The whole essence of life is for us to discover and unleash our potential. Your potential is simply a latent, untapped and a hidden ability inside you. It’s who you can be but are not right now! What if you could be the best in what you, how would you be?

Success in life is all about unleashing your potential. Once you focus on you: discovering and unleashing the potential in you, success will flock to you like bees to honeycomb.