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So, you’re a good parent and your child is in school—junior high, senior high or college—you have realized that your child is not doing very well academically and needs external assistance to help him or her push up and get ahead in class: Academic coaching or tutoring?

The best parents are actively involved in the education of their children! The mid-range parents are partially active in the education of their children. And bad parents are inactive in the education of their children!

Good parents always seek to enhance the moral, academic and career success of their children, thus looking for professional services to help them! They analyze their children’s academic performance and seek more ways to improve and better it!

Difference Between Academic Coaching & Tutoring

What kind of help does your child needs: Academic coaching or tutoring?

The table below will help you to know any of these professional services can enhance the success of students!

Academic Coaching


What are the offers?

Academic Coaching focuses on helping your children to develop the learning strategies, habits, management and all the study skills required to achieve success!

Tutoring focuses on helping students in a subject of their deficiency or helping them to understand the subject taught so that they can heighten their performance!

What does it focus on?

It focus on the child and the development of successful skills to achieve academic success

It focuses on the subject thought and deals with helping children understand the subject under discussion!

Who can benefit from this?

Coaching is best good for students who are good, but lack the learning strategies, management and the confidence required for academic success.

Tutoring is best good for  parents who seeks to achieve academic skills such as;
Learning new academic skills like Math, English Language and Science are all possible through tutoring.

Duration of Service

Academic Coaching Sessions are often per package i.e. about 3 months focused helping the children develop study skills so they can prioritize well, strategize and achieve their academic goals

Tutoring services can be delivered on spot, one-hour, per month and so forth to help the child understand the topic under discussion!

Mode of Service Delivery

Academic Coaching sessions can be held on the internet through Skype and Google Hangout! They can also be held face-to-face.

Tutoring on the hand can also be provided through Skype or Google Hangout geared towards helping a student to understand what he or she is been taught! It can also take place face-to-face!

Who offers it?

An Academic Coach

A Personal Tutor

What are the Rates?

Pay is often per session, per month or by the package! Price varies!

Pay is actually per hour or per month!
Price varies!

Key Indicators for Academic Coaching

The following are the key indicators that will help you as a parent evaluate the academic conditions of your child and take the best decision that will enhance his or her success!

Is your child?

1.    Losing interest in learning?
2.    Having low-confidence in class?
3.    Enable to study alone and keep things in mind?
4.    Struggling to focus and sit learn to learn privately?
5.    Unable to pay attention in class?
6.    Receiving class scores that do not reflect his or her performance?
7.    Poor time management skills for academic life?
8.    Fairly good and need support to unleash his or her academic potential?
9.    Struggling to overcome indiscipline habits preventing success?

Key Indicators for Tutoring

The following are the signs that will help you to understand that my ward needs a tutor not an academic coach to help him at the moment.

Is your child?

1.    Weak in a particular subject?
2.    Have weak academic skills like reading, writing, math solving, science studies etc.?
3.    Need more explanation to understand what has been taught in class?
4.    Needs a personal tutor to revise notes and get prepared for exams?
5.    Needs help complete class assignments and throw more light on it?

As you do this analysis carefully, you will make the best decisions for your children and ensure their career, academic and moral success! As you invest in your child’s education you provide him or her encouragement to excel. You also motivate the academic professional to give out the best.

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