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In the 21st Century, parents are busy. So, parents pay their children’s school fees, provide for them and lay the responsibility on their children and schools for academic success. Instead, of schools producing successful students, there are rather very few successful students. 

Why? Research has shown that parenting is more important than schools for student’s academic success!

The main goal of parents and schools is the academic and career success of students. 

While it is true that schools and parents and the students themselves have their role to play to achieve academic success, research has proven that parental involvement transcends all actions and is the most important factor for the academic success of students.

1.   research study by North Carolina State University, Brigham Young University and the University of California, Irvine finds that parental involvement is more significant factor in a child’s academic performance than the school itself.

The research team leader, Dr. Toby Parcel, a professor of Sociology at NC State and co-author of a paper on the work concluded, “Our study shows that parents need to be aware of how important they are, and invest time in their children—checking homework, attending school events and letting kids know school is important. That’s where the payoff is.

2.  Another research study from University of Leicester and the University of Leeds headed by Professor Gianni De Fraja also concluded that parent’s effort towards their child’s educational achievement is very crucial and more significant than the role of the school or child.

Professor Gianni De Freja declared, “In general, what we are saying is that a child whose parents put more effort into his or her education does better at school. Therefore policies that aim at improving parental effort might be effective in strengthening educational attainment. Influencing parental effort is currently something that is much easier than modifying their social background”.

3.   Finally, research study by the University of New Hampshire concluded that “students do much better in school when their parents are actively involved in their education.”

The team leader, Prof. Smith Conway said, “Parental effort is consistently associated with higher levels of achievement, and the magnitude of the effect of parental effort is substantial. We found that schools would need to increase per-pupils spending by more than $ 1,000 in order to achieve the same results that are gained with parental involvement”.

In a null shell, I’ll say that in order to enhance the moral, academic and career success of students, parents must take responsibility. They must realise that they are more important than schools for the academic success of their children. Once parents take charge, performance at schools will change dramatically!

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