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Discipline is the root of academic and career success. Discipline is the most important virtue that ensures the career and financial destiny of students. On the other way round, indiscipline in students corrupts their moral values, reduces their academic performance and leads to career failures.

The European Centre for Research and Development UK says, “Discipline involves obedience and willing submission to a rule of law without which a learner will not attain his or her goal”. That means discipline is crucial for a student’s academic and career success.

Without discipline, it will be impossible for a student to reach his academic and career goals. Indiscipline on the other hand involves disobedience and refusal to abide by a rule a law. Indiscipline causes students to do what they feel like doing whether it is good or not!

Discipline requires behaving in an orderly manner in conformity to the rules and regulations of school, home and religious gatherings. When a student’s behaves disorderly over and over again and he/she is not being rebuked by those in authorities the student develop the habit of indiscipline.

He or she becomes use to behaving disorderly. And he or she will become rude when corrected. As the student reaches that level of discipline, respect for authority will be off his values and fighting against authorities will gain control of him or her.

A student who puts up the habit of indiscipline displays a set of attitudes which affects his or her academic performance and in his latter life, career.

Source: Daily Mail

These indiscipline behaviours develop little by little, unseen in a student. As it grows undetected, it corrupts the morality and ethics of the students and causes him to become more and more indiscipline.

Indiscipline in a student affects his/her moral and academic life and later on career.
The following outlines and explains how indiscipline in students affects student’s academic success.

1.  Relationship with parents, school authorities and counsellors are negatively affected

In life, relationship is everything.

The more relationships you have with the right people, the more you can move on in life. The stronger the relationships, the better you are. Morality and ethics happens to be the foundation of strong and good relationships.

A student putting up indiscipline engages himself in immoral behaviours that negatively affect his/her relationship with people that can help form and build his/her future. Indiscipline behaviours of students make them a social deviant and lose assistance from parents, teachers, counsellors, and colleagues.

2.    Minimal Cooperation in school activities leading to poor academic performance.

Facebook founder & CEO, Mark Zukerberg said, “You get what you spend your time on”.
 As an indiscipline student become stubborn, his/her involvement in academic activities becomes minimal and hence affecting his academic success.

Disturbing in class, refusal to attend classes, refusal to take notes and do class and homes assignments, habitual lateness to class, and not paying attention in class are some of the few indiscipline activities of students that corrupts their immorality and leads to academic failures.

3.    Gross Indiscipline of student affects their morality and academic abilities.

Jessica Rose made it clear: “Academic success is more of hard work than an inborn talent”.

A student who plays instead of studying his/her books will not perform well in examinations. There’s no miracle about that. Studying textbooks, reading notes, attending classes, doing class work, doing home assignments, paying attention in class and taking notes in class are all hard work.

An indiscipline student who puts up indiscipline attitudes will not put in the efforts required for his or her academic success. And a result, he or she becomes unsuccessful!

4.    Wrong priorities leading to doing the wrong thing at the right time

As an indiscipline student’s morality is corrupted, his or her sense of judgement becomes distorted. By so doing, he or she begins to do the wrong things at the right time.

Brain Tracy define indiscipline as, “the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not”. An indiscipline student becomes like an animal, controlled by his/her feelings rather than his/her moral values!

Acts of indiscipline like doing home assignments in class, doing class assignments at home, bringing books for marking late, reporting to classes late are some of the activities that students engaged in as a result of wrong priorities leading to poor academic performances.

5.    Becoming a social deviant and being expose to bad friends and social vices

Indiscipline students begin to build relationship with other indiscipline students. As this happens they form an association of indiscipline students. The stronger their bond, the more they engage in various social vices.

Social vices such as stealing, gambling, prostitution, premarital sex, truancy, watching of pornographic materials, stubbornness, alcoholism, smoking, rebellion and disrespect for authority become predominant among them. These activities affect their academic abilities and success!

Indiscipline in students is a very serious thing that must be taken care of by all stakeholders (The President, Parliamentarians, Ministry of Education, National Association of Teachers, parents, school authorities, religious leaders and organisations.

As the rate of indiscipline goes down in schools, the rate of academic success of students will go up. That will also lead to the career success of students, boosting productivity and development in the nation! 

In the next post, we shall be looking at how discipline affects Academic Success of Students. Until then, make sure you discipline yourself on campus, school, and the community; and I trust you will have the success you deisre!

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