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With no controversy, students want to improve in their academics, parents want to feel proud of their children graduating with flying colors and schools want high academic performances to improve their brand as an organization. But how can this be? The impact of academic coaching!

Coaching has been with us for a very long time. Professional coaching in other areas of life began with sports coaching. There’s no great athlete without a great coach behind his success. In fact when athletes want to improve their performance, they seek better coaches!

“Every successful athlete and performer is the product of not just ability, commitment and practice, but of coaching. And when they want to take their skills to higher level, they seek out better coaches,” said the Chariot Learner.

Simply put, academic coaching involves the application of the principles and models of coaching to academic life in order to enhance the academic performance of students. Coach’s help students increase their academic performance and reach their goals.

 Academic coaching involves analyzing students performance, finding barriers to academic success, setting academic goals, developing plans to reach goals, developing crucial productivity skills and habits in students, holding students accountable to reach goals and motivating them to reach their full academic potential.

As one of the ancient method of increasing productivity and improving performance, academic coaching has become one of the means by which many schools are adopting to help students improve. Parents are also hiring academic coaches to help their students improve in their academics.

So how does academic coaching improves the academic performance of students?

1.    Academic Coaching Helps to Access the Academic Strengths and Weaknesses of Students and Determine Barriers to Academic Success.

 In the initial coaching session, the academic coach evaluates the performance of the students and finds out the causes of his poor academic performance which their tutors and teachers rarely do!

2.    Setting Realistic and Inspiring Academic Goals

“Success is goals, or else is commentary,” said Brian Tracy, bestselling author of Goals. In order to achieve academic success, there must be academic goals. Hence coaches’ set goals in every subject area with the student that they want them to reach. This serves as the yardstick for the coaching sessions!

3.    Developing Strategic Plans to Reach Academic Goals

Goals backed by strategic plans and consistent actions are the keys to success. Academic coaches develop a unique, strategic plan tailored for the student to improve his or her academic performance and help the student to reach the goals set.

Source: Ashs-teacher-and-students

4.    Developing Strong Productivity Skills in Students

“Adults understand how critical skills like organization, time management, and note-taking are to professional success. These skills and certain others mean just as much in school. In fact, the students that master these skills in high school will carry that edge to college and beyond”, said the Chariot Learner.

 In most cases poor academic performance can be attributed to wrong priorities, gross disorganization, poor time management, poor study habit and poor note-taking skills of students.

So the academic coaches evaluate the habit and skills of students and help them to develop the habit and skills of organization, time management, study skills, note taking, confidence, teamwork and many others essential for the improvement of their academic performance.

5.    Developing a Study Schedule

Academic success is not just a thing of working hard, but working smart. Excellent study habits and diligence are at the root of every academic success! In order to improve performance, the academic coaches develop tailored study schedule for the students and ensure it is diligently followed.

6.    Motivating and Inspiring Students to Learn

One of the keys to success in every field is motivation. Once students lose their interest in learning and in a subject their performance also decreases. High levels of motivations generated by the academic coach leads to high levels of academic performance!

7.    Helping Students Become Active Learners

Success requires consistency! Through academic coaching, the student is being helped to become consistent in his or her studies. Thus the student becomes an active learner and develops the habit of continuous learning crucial for professional success!

8.    Helping Students Prepare Adequately for Exams

Stress, tension and fear affect the academic performance of students. A dedicated academic coach working with students helps them to overcome the stress, tension and the fears revolving around exams, boosts their self-esteem and inspires them to bring out the best. As a result, the students bring out the best!

9.    Enabling Students to Develop Rapport with Teachers or Professors

Academic coaches also help students to improve their people and relationship skills, connecting with key people that can help them improve their academic performance. Key people like teachers or professors, schools heads, leaders of various fellowships and unions in schools.

10.Academic Coaches help Students Develop Positive Daily Routines

Success is a daily thing! Success comes daily through our routines and the things we do on daily basis. Through academic coaching, students learn to plan their time well, effectively use their time, focus on high value tasks and become effective, not just busy at school.

As a result of the following impacts, academic performance skyrockets. Student’s grade and performance goes high. Parents become proud of their children and schools become proud of their brand as an organization. All this is achieved through the impact of academic coaching!

Let's help you achieve the academic success you always dream of!

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