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Academic Coaching is a one-on-one or peer group interaction with an academic coach focused on helping a student to identify the barriers to academic success, setting academic goals and developing strategic plans to achieve the goals.

While classroom teaching and private tutoring focuses on helping students to understand a subject or a topic, the Academic Coaching Program focuses on the individual. It focuses on unleashing the academic potential of the students.

Sports coaches are hired to bring out the best out of the players. They teach them tactics and strategies to perform better and win matches. They evaluate the opponent and develop game plans that will help the players to reach their goals.

In the same way, an academic coach focuses on bringing the best academic performance out of the student he or she is coaching. The academic coach focuses on training and teaching student’s habits and skills that will unleash their academic potentials.

The Living Purpose School, an online academic and career coaching firm focused on enhancing the moral, academic and career success of students provides Academic Success Coaching Program aimed at improving academic performance of students!

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Aims of The Academic Success Coaching Program 

The Academic Success Coaching Program is aimed at doing 10 things for students:

1.    Evaluating and accessing the academic performance of students

2.    Developing  academic goals for the students

3.    Developing strategic plans to help students to reach the goals

4.    Developing well-tailored study schedule for the students

5.    Developing well-tailored study skills in the student

6.    Developing time-management skills in the student

7.    Developing organizational skills in the student

8.    Developing problem solving skills in the student

9.    Developing test-taking and note-taking skills in students

10.Developing of self-discipline in the students

A typical Academic Coaching Program follows this sequence

1.    The coach meets with the student to evaluate academic performance.

2.    The coach and the student sets academic goals and action plans to achieve them

3.    The student goes to execute and implement the plans set.

4.    The coach then goes to evaluate the work to ensure its directed towards the fulfillment of the goal.

5.    The coach measures progress, evaluates performance and develops actions plan to help the student achieve better results.

Results of the Academic Success Coaching Program

1.    The Academic Success Coaching Program helps students to improve their performance by 40%, 70% and even 100%.

2.    The Academic Success Coaching Program helps students to develop the successful habits and crucial for academic success and in professional life.

3.    The Academic Success Coaching Program helps students to reach their academic goals and dreams.

How to Enroll in Academic Success Coaching Program

1.    Complete the application form.

2.    Schedule a complimentary coaching session.

3.    Get started on the road to academic and career success

 You can also send an email to [email protected] showing interest and the reason to enroll in the program and adding your phone number for interactions on phone.

Let's help you achieve the academic and career success you always dream of!

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