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2O Indiscipline Attitudes of Students that Leads to Poor Academic Performance

Discipline is the key to success in every field including academics. Indiscipline in students is the number one canker responsible for poor academic performance of students. Once students desist from all indiscipline attitudes, high academic performance is guaranteed.

The following are the top 20 indiscipline attitudes of students that leads to low academic performance.
  1. Dressing improperly to school and at school.
  2. Bringing unaccepted electronic and digital materials to school
  3. Watching ponorgraphic materials
  4. Habitual lateness to school and to classes
  5. Refusing to do class exercises and homeworks
  6. Refusing to take notes and cooperate in class
  7. Resisting any disciplinary measures taken 
  8. Engaging in sexual immoralities with the opposite or same sex
  9. Making bad friends and associating with social deviants
  10. Disturbing in class while the teaching is in class teaching
  11. Receiving phone calls and playing games as class is in progress
  12. Playing truancy and refusing to report at school
  13. Blackmailing school authorities to parents and the elders and vice versa
  14. Pretending to be sick in order not to go to school
  15. Spending school fees on frivolous items and lying to school authorities
  16. Gross disorganization leading to forgetting school books at home
  17. Watching firms and movies instead of reading and studying notes and textbooks
  18. Stealing, quarreling and fighting with friends at school and at home
  19. Being rude and disrespectful to teachers and parents
  20. Refusing to go to religious meetings and be counselled
"Success is predictable. Failure is also predictable, " said Dr. Myles Munroe. As a student desists from indiscipline attitudes and puts up discipline attitudes, his or her performance will skyrocket.

Parents, Teachers, School Management, the national Association of Teachers, the National Education Service the Ministry of Education are all responsible for enhancing discipline in schools!

To help your child develop discipline attitudes that will enhance his/her academic success, you can kindly sign up for the Academic Coaching Program for a free coaching session to provide a tailored one-on-one service for your ward.

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