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Understanding Passion

In a world of hard economic conditions, terrible news of death, misfortunes and enormous failure parading every nuke and cranny of human endeavor, how can a person succeed and thrive without a greater force propelling him or her to keep moving despite the odds?

Life is hard. It’s a truth we all know about. It’s not easy. It’s difficult. You can never get anything worthwhile in life without going through a hard time or overcoming some challenges. And this is where passion comes!

An ex-military personnel once hard an okro farm! He worked very hard in the planting process and did the necessary things to make his okro farm successful. Once everything was doing well, he decided to check on his family in the city for some three days and return back to the farm.

When he returned to his farm on the third day, he saw something unusual. The crops have been attacked by a disease. It was really shocking!

Amazed at what happened, he exclaimed, “ What a shock!”

So he was being asked, “Soldier, how is the farm?”.

 “I’m on it. Nothing good comes easy!” He responded.

He never gave up. He investigated and bought the best agro-chemical to fight and overcome the disease attacking his crops.

Guess what? He won!

The crops did very well and he made a lot of money in that season!
What kept him going despite the challenges? What kept him working despite the tough times? What motivated him to overcome all odds and win? His passion to have a great harvest!

Passion is the driving force of life! Passion is the energy that sustains life. We get energy from the food we eat, but it is the energy derived from passion that gives us the ability to keep going even though things are tough!

But you do you know?

It’s really wonderfully when you study the root meaning of passion. The English word passion comes from the Latin word, “passio” which means, “to suffer or to endure”.

Passion is that strong feeling, an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm that we have about something or someone that causes and makes us to suffer and go through all the shame to get what we want.

Passion proceeds from a clear understanding from your personal identity, your vision and your purpose. If you don’t know your purpose, you will not get the needed energy to urge you to keep moving on.

The Scripture says, “Where there’s no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29. 18). Passion comes from vision, and vision comes from mission. So when you have a clear understanding of whom you are and where you are going as an individual or a team, nothing can stop you!


Passion will make you unstoppable!

Sarah Robins declared again, “You see, since we started our business 6 yrs again (we call it marketplace ministry) we’ve encountered trials, tests, and even terrible tragedy during this time. But because we know our purpose, and our passion, we have become unstoppable”.

Commitment is the key to success! To be success at something, you have to do it over a sustained period of time with high level energy. Due to the challenges of life, if you don’t have the passion produced by a clear understanding of your personal identity, purpose and vision, you can’t make it!

So then the first step to living a fulfilled life and having fulfilled work is to find the purpose of your life, your vision, who you are, your potentials, your passion and the career plan for your life. After that then you can build your career and business life around your purpose and passion.

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