Monday, 10 October 2016


How great is the power of troubles, failures, challenges and circumstances? They have made a lot of weak souls to give up on their goals, visions and ambitions. Many a people have lost their prize because they lack the power that overcomes the challenges and problems of life!

No matter how great and heavy the challenges you are facing, there is a greater force able to make you keep on going and reach your destination. That’s the power of passion!

Through the power of passion, weak leaders have become brave leaders, feeble souls have become persistent, losers have become winners and many have gained freedom and success as a result of it.

The amazing thing is that passion is not something somewhere that each of us should say we are going to seek after.

Passion resides in us! Deep within the heart of every person on earth is the power of passion which can be awaken to provide the needed zeal, enthusiasm and keenness to fight and win the battles of life!

True passion proceeds from purpose and a clear understanding of one’s personal identity and potentials. When you know who you are, your gifting and your purpose and begin to operate from that knowledge, passion is awaken in you.

Talent is your natural ability to do something. Purpose is the reason why you have been born into this world. Personal Identity is a thorough knowledge of your Source (God) and who you really are.

Passion is the power produced when your talents, purpose and personal identity meets together. Dr. Myles Munroe said in his book, The Principles and Power of Vision, “Passion is a force stronger than death”.

People say that passion is what you love to do. That’s not true. Passion means to “to suffer, to endure”. The true meaning of passion was revealed through the sufferings of Jesus Christ in the pursuit of salvation for humanity.

Jesus Christ was able to suffer the sufferings he suffered because of his vision! The Scriptures say, “…WHO FOR THE JOY THAT WAS SET BEFORE HIM endured the cross, despising the shame and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God” (Hebrews 12.2 RSV).

What motivated Christ to endure the cross? His Vision! What was his vision? To receive salvation for humanity and be sited at the right hand of the throne of God! His vision which came from a true understanding of his purpose kept him going even when things were hard!

That’s the power of passion!

When you do what you have been called to do here on earth a power stronger than challenges, afflictions, problems and the sufferings in this world empowers and gives you the needed energy and the ability to keep moving onward towards success and victory.

When the power of passion is at work in your life, five things will happen to you:

1.     You Become Unstoppable

Despite your troubles and tribulations you can’t stop! Why? A power stronger than your troubles and tribulations is moving and urging you forward!

2.     You Become Committed to Your Vision

Vision produces passion; passion produces commitment; commitment produces persistent and persistent produces victory. Once you are committed to your course, vision and goals, nothing can stop you!

3.     You Endure All Challenges

Endurance is the key to success. If you can’t endure the cross you can’t cross the bridge to your success. If you can’t endure the pain you are going through, then you can’t get the prize you deserve! Passion produces the endurance needed to keep moving on.

4.     You Overcome All Odds

   There are two qualities of successful people: the ability to endure challenges and   overcome all odds until they succeed. It’s virtually impossible to endure the pain you are going through if you don’t have passion produced by purpose.

Passion enables you not only to endure the challenges but to find the solutions to overcome the problems preventing you from reaching your destination.

5.     You Gain Satisfaction in Pursuing Your Vision

No faking it. Passion is much more than just using your natural talent and being happy with it. Passion is not happiness. Passion means to suffer. Passion means you find joy in following a particular course despite the sufferings because you are being motivated by a higher purpose!

The erroneous misconception of what passion is must be deleted from our minds. You don’t find passion from merely using your natural talents!

When you are confronted with challenges, its passion produced from a clear understanding of your purpose that provides the fuel to keep on moving until you succeed! If passion comes from natural talent many talented people will be successful!

No! No! No! Real passion is produced from purpose. This is the passion that becomes the driving force of your life. True leaders are passionate people! Why? They discover the purpose for their life and they focus all their energies to fulfilling it!

Sarah Robbins, the leading Network Marketing Consultant said, “ When you know WHO you are, and WHERE you are going and WHY you are doing what you do—you have the vision to succeed and the passion to proceed daily, regardless of the situation or circumstance.”

As you pursue your purpose to fulfill it, passion is produced in you! This passion gives you the joy and satisfaction you need. Passion enables you to maximize your potentials, achieve your vision and become successful! This is the power of passion!

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