Saturday, 10 September 2016



Enough of living a frustrated, confused and troubled life! Enough of moving from job to job, paycheck to paycheck! Enough of getting distracted by the choices and the various enticing opportunities of life! Liberate yourself today by finding the “why” for your life!!!

I’ve come to realise that the entire secret to success in  life is for a person to find his/her “why” in life and stick to it. Successful people become successful because they have a great “why” behind the "what' they do!!!

Your “Why” is:

1.     What makes you do what you do!
2.     What wakes you up every morning!
3.     What inspires and motivates you to get up and go to work daily.
4.     What informs and determines your daily decisions and the priorities of your life.
5.     What determines and rules the way you spend your time, talent and money.
6.     What gives you the strength to keep going even when you feel like quitting!
7.     What determines the people and groups you relate and work with!

Your “why” is the very purpose and essence of your life. Your “why” is the root and core of your life. Your “why” is the pillar and the foundation upon which your career, business and social life is founded upon!

John Addison puts it this way, “Your ‘why’ is the thing that motivates you to get up every morning and work a little harder to get a little better. It’s the thing that pushes you on the days when all you want to do is pull the covers over your head and hide from the world”!

It’s the driving force of your life!

Please get me right! I don’t know how to say it for you to understand!

The entire secret of your success is for you to find your life purpose and live it. You must find the “why” of your life and dedicate yourself to it and that’s when you will begin to succeed.

Oprah Winfrey said, “If you don’t know your life purpose then you’re just wondering on the planet!” You’ve got to find your “why” and live the life you were born to live!!!

Like I said, I’d like you to follow me closely in the Life Purpose Series for the next thirty days as I reveal to you secrets and nuggets that can help you to find your life purpose, passion, potential, and begin to live the successful life you have always been dreaming of!

Thanks a million!

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