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" Your purpose in life is to find your life's purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Friedrich Nietzsche

Every human being was born for a reason. And it is this reason that gives them the drive to live, overcome the difficulties of life and to become successful in life. Despite the fact that people reiterate the words, " Live your life with purpose", how many people on earth have a clue what their life's purpose is?

Quora, the online discussion forum, posted a question on their platform,"Of the 7 billion people on earth today, what percentage both know their life's purpose with clarity and living true to it?"

I'd like to answer that question in this article: According to the 90/10 rule, I would say that it's only 10% of the 7 billion people on earth today that have found their life's purpose and are living with it. If we do the math, it means that 90% of the over 7 billion people on earth are clueless about their life's purpose, living for survival instead of living for their purpose.

The 10% of the people who have found their life's purpose are those who go on to become the leaders, the inventors, the pioneers and the barrier breakers in life.These are people who have a deep sense of knowledge about who they are, why they are here on earth, their uniqueness and what impact they are on earth to make. According to Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple, they are the people who " Think Different". And because they think different, they act different and make a difference with their lives.

So then, what is purpose? 
What a heck is this thing called purpose?

Well, I would like to explain what purpose really is by using two Greek words. The first is " Proorismos" and the second is " Skopos". To grab the true meaning of what purpose really is and how important is is to living a successful life, we've got to understand these two words.

Now, according to  Vincent's Word Studies, the Greek word, " Proorismos" means  " bourne, destination, destiny, preordination, predestination, predestined". Proorismos conveys the idea that each person on earth today has been predestined, foreordained and mandated by a High Power to be here on earth. It conveys the idea that every human being on earth is here because of a particular reason. It conveys the idea that there was a very important and urgent reason that made it necesary for each person on earth to be sent to the world by that Higher Power.It also conveys the idea that each person living on earth today has a masterplan, a blueprint, a mission statement that was formed by that Higher Power.

The second word, " Skopos", according to    Vincent's Word Studies means, " aim, means, cause, design, object, end, mark. scope, sake". Now, this word "Skopos" conveys the idea that the masterplan was built first by the Higher Power, then the Higher Power built each person with the necessary talents, temperaments, and inner abilities that will enable each person to successfully fulfill the plan. Not only that, this word "Skopos" also convey the idea that in each person on earth lies hidden potentials that are awaiting his or her discovery and manifestation. Why? Each fellow was built in with golden treasures to help him or her make valuable contribution to humanity.

Hope you get it? 
Let us now combine the two meaning together to now form a final concrete meaning to the word purpose.

Purpose then is the reason for which something is made, created or for which it is in existence. Purpose is the original intent for which something is in existence.  

Now, I would like to now conclude by saying that the purpose of your life is the reason for which you have been made and put into this world. Your life's purpose is the original reason for which you exist in this world!!!

Having settled that I would like to ask you you: " What is your life's purpose? Why are you here on earth? For what reason were you sent into this world? What were you born to do and accomplish?"

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