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      "Talent is God's gift to you. 
What you do with it is your gift back to God"
                                                  " Leo Buscaglia"

Why should you develop your talents? When you develop your talent what happens? 
I have some reasons that motivates and inspires me to develop and grow my talent. I would like to share them with you today!

1. You maximize the use of the time to deliver a particular service or product.

For example: When I started out as a Professional Life Purpose Coach, it takes me one and half to two hours to take one client through a Life Impact Program  to find his talents, passion, mission, vision, life purpose and to develop a plan for the next 5-10 years of his/her life.

But what happened when I became skillful at what I do? I spend thirty minutes to forty-five minutes with my coaching clients to help them find their life purpose. That means by developing my talent, I have been able to cut back on half an hour approximately! That’s the reason we must all develop our talents.

2. You serve people faster

Once you develop your talent and the reduce time limit to serve people, you begin to realize that you are now able to serve people faster. And you know, we live in a fast world—fast food, fast cars, fast athlete and so on. Some companies in the world develop their competitive advantage around the “fast in service delivery”. 

3. You serve more people at a limited time

To become successful at your career or business, all you have to do is to serve more people in a limited period of time. The more you serve more people at a short time period, the more people will draw closer to you and your business and begin to demand for more service. To do this requires the total development and improvement of your talent. Again, Talent Code by Daniel Coyle goes to do a great good on talent development!

4. You produce quality and excellent works

The essence of our talent is to serve people. To serve people means to provide them value by solving a problem or filling a need for them. Now, the more skillful you are, the more you can use your talent to produce high quality goods and services for people.

Excellence is a product of careful and skillful use of our talents to serve people. It requires brain, talents and passion. Your passion is what drives the use of your talents to produce high quality goods and services. Passion ignites the fire within you to go the extra mile. And the source of passion is a clear understanding of your purpose in life. 

This is why it is very crucial and necessary for you to find your life purpose. To find your life purpose, passion, talents, vision and develop a plan for the next 5-10yrs of your life, go here!

5. You win the heart of people

 This is what we all wants. To win the heart of someone, you must be doing something they like, admire and appreciate.

 For instance, when I was a sales boy at One Star Company Limited, a sachet water producing company, I dedicate myself to reading books on sales, marketing, negotiation and customer service daily. I would spend the whole night reading and studying these materials while my friends will be sleeping. In the day time when we go to work, guess what happens?

I up sell everybody! As a result of my diligence in studying and the development of my sales ability, I won the heart of the manager and was promoted to become the Sales Manager. I couldn’t believe it! But it happened. How did it happen? Diligence in the development of my sales ability!

I have given you five reasons which at the same time are benefits of developing your talents! If you have successfully developed your talent and has been inspired by some reason to do that, I would like to see your reasons and comments  below! Feel free to share! The world is about sharing and caring!!! Thanks a million! Don't forget to share this post with your family and friends on social media!

About The Author
Francis Sabutey,
Life Purpose & Leadership Coach,
Founder & President of the Living Purpose School
The Living Purpose School is an online personal and leadership development school focused on providing training and coaching programs to help people find their life purpose, maximize their potentials and achieve their dreams. You can visit us here.

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