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Dreams! Dreams! Dreams! Almost everyone on earth today has a dream. Better put, everyone on earth today has a dream that if worked upon and translate into reality will bring joy, success and personal improvement. But how many people on earth today—among the over 7 billion people – can confidently say “I have a dream and I am working on my dream to achieve it”!

The fact is: a dream is a wish, a hope, an expectation, a mental picture of something we want to happen in our life. You can have a dream of being in a particular career, owning a particular business, making a particular amount of money per month, building or owning your own house, having enough and giving to your favorite charity and so on.

But you see, a dream is something that you wish and want! The fact that you wish and hope for it doesn’t mean you will automatically get it. Life doesn’t give you what you wish for; it gives you what you work for. So wishing, hoping, desiring and talking about your dreams will not make your dreams a reality! It will only get you confused, tired and frustrated.

To get what you want, you must work on it. You must fight for it. You must rise up and say, “I want this thing to happen and I will never give up until I make it happen”. Then, you must now go and learn how to translate your dream to reality—how to get that which you want! Because you see, you can get what you want! You can get what you wish! Everything is possible and there is nothing impossible! Brain’s book on How to Get Everything You Wantproves this fact.

So what the heck are you supposed to do to make your dreams a reality?

Well, being a Life Purpose Coach and helping people to find their life purpose and coaching them to translate their dreams to reality, I have seen and come across certain basic steps and principles that helps each of my clients to reach their dreams!

So what are the simple steps that will help you to translate your dreams to reality?


.1. See your Dream Happen: It’s not enough to dream, you must now see the dream happen! Imagine it come true, see the joy, the happiness and the new things that will happen in your life if that dream  you hold in your mind comes to reality. Be glad and happy about it! This may seem like madness, but it is faith!

2. Set Your Goals: Break the dream into pieces and set goals for each piece of the dream. Set sub-daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals that you will work on to reach your dream! Then develop a clear plan to reach each of the goals you have planned. Brian Tracy’s Book on Goals is worth buying and studying to help you do this.

3. Commit to Your Goals: It’s not enough to set your goals and develop plans to reach your goals. You must commit to your goals. “Without commitment nothing happens” said T.D Jakes. You must commit, decide and delve into the dream! You have to want it so badly enough that you commit to it and begin to take actions to make it a reality!

4. Act on Your Goals: Once you commit, it is then easy to act. Action precedes commitment. You can never act on something that you don’t believe and commit to. Okay fine, you don’t want to act on your goals, but you want to achieve them, that’s a lie! It will never happen! Action brings results! If you are not willing to act on your dream and goals, then it means you don’t want to achieve it! So do all that it takes to make your dreams a reality!

5. Measure Your Progress: Once you begin acting on your dream, you must then measure your progress. Success comes in installment; today a little, tomorrow a little and finally boom a big success! Success never comes in one day, so measure your daily, weekly and monthly progress and see whether your plans and actions are in alignment with your dreams!

6. Re-adjust Your Strategy: How do you know whether your plans and actions are in alignment with your dreams? Your results! Your results reflect everything! If you are getting the results you project, it simply means you are doing the things that require you to get those results. If you don’t like the results you are getting, you know what you must do: change your strategy and go to work on the goal again until you find the best strategy to achieve it!

7. Commit to the Process: The very last thing you must do is to commit to the process. What is the process? The process of making your dreams a reality: the process of dreaming, setting goals, committing to your goals, acting on your goals, measuring your progress and re-adjusting your strategy to reach your goals. It’s a cycle—a system! You must commit to this system so as to make your dream a reality!

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Francis Sabutey is a Life Purpose & Executive Coach, Professional Writer and Author.He is also the founder and president of the Living Purpose School, an online coaching & training school focused on helping people to find their life purpose, maximize their potential and to achieve their dreams. 

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