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We’ve been talking about discovering your talent. You need to get me right! You can’t just come to the level of people adoring and lavishing praises on you when qualities such as excellence, dedication, diligence, humility, gratitude, modesty and so forth are not found in you! Why? These are the qualities that lead to the development of your talent and to being adored and loved by people! So let’s look at the eight simple ways you can start using to develop your talent today!
  1. Understanding Your Core

To make the best use of your talents and abilities it is very crucial you have a sound understanding of who you are, who you want to be, your purpose in life, your vision in life, your potentials, your passion and a clear plan for your business and professional life. Through the Life Impact Program developed by the Living Purpose School, I trust we can help you to reposition your life so you can make a great impact with your life. You can sign up for the program here!!

            2. Continuous learning

To develop your talents and potentials, you must begin to develop yourself. You can’t go to the next level if you are not developing yourself. You must read books, enroll in programs and go to seminars that will help you to develop your self-esteem and your self-concept of yourself. To make the best use of your talent, I recommend you get access to this great book by Dr. Myles Munroe: Maximizing Your Potential” This is a great book filled with information to help you to unleash your potential.

      3. Building the Right Relationship

You must also begin to associate yourself with the right people. Find mentors, coaches and instructors that will guide you, direct you and help you to get what you want! Hang around with the very best in your field! Build and form relationships that will help you to develop as an individual and also maximize your talent.

           4. Focus on Building One Talent At a Time

Focus on one of your talent at a time. Begin to work on it! Begin to develop it! Begin to use it to serve people. Don’t try to develop all your talents at once. Build and develop one talent into a skill one at a time. Focus is the key to success. Success means to do one thing very well and that means to develop that talent and use it to do what you do very well.

           5. Following Your Passion

Find your passion and focus your talent toward that specific area. For instance if you have a talent for interviewing, presenting and doing research and wants to be a journalist, find an area of interest—may be business, social affairs, sports  or any area of your interest—then focus your talent in that area. You must have passion for the area so that the passion you have for that area will drive the development of your talent.

            6. Having a Purpose Drives You

Understand the “why” behind the “what” you do! You can just be singing. Why do you sing? You can’t just be boxing. Why do you box? You can’t just be teaching. Why do you teach? You must have a BIG WHY behind the “what” you do. You must have a unique purpose for what you do and that is why it is very essential to find your life purpose and enrolling in the Life Impact Program.
            7. Goal Setting & Discipline

Discipline yourself to set goals, work on your goals and achieve your goals in relation to your talents. Where do you want to be this week, next week, next month, next year, next three years in the use of your talents? You must know and not just be doing things. Set clear professional and talent development goals for yourself and then discipline yourself to work on them and achieve them. This is a highway to achieving your talent. Brian Tracy’s book on Goals is great help when it comes to setting goals and achieving it. I recommend you get a copy now!

            8. Back Your Talent with a Strong Character

Character is key if you are going to develop and maximize your talent. And character is more than just being polite and nice to people. Your character revolves around your habits and lifestyle. You must become a rock—strong, resilient and tough! You must have a strong character which includes humility, kindness, honesty, excellence, diligence and so forth. These qualities in you help you to develop your talents and become better at it. You must analyze yourself, work and then develop every aspect of your character.Talent Is Never Enough John Maxwell’s Best Selling Book is worth reading to develop your character and grow your talent!

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Francis Sabutey is a Life Purpose & Leadership Coach, Founder & CEO of the Living Purpose School; an online personal and leadership development firm focused on coaching and training people to find their life purpose, maximize their potentials and achieve their dreams! You can visit the school here.

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