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A talent is a special ability that enables us to easily do something or learn a process. Each and every human being on earth has been endowed with a specific talent. The average person has at least five or six talents which when identified , developed and lead to great success.

We have all been given talents by God to serve each other. Our talents are our means to share our value and display the amazing glory of God. Our talents are our source of earning income and a means to manifest the greatness within us.

We have all been given great talents which should bring us profits when we put them into good use. The more we develop and use our talents, the more skillful and successful we become in the use of it. When we hide our talents, we hid the very thing that will bring us greatness and success  in life.

To make the best use of your talent, I recommend you get access to this great book by Dr. Myles Munroe: “ Understanding Your Potential” This is a great book filled with information to help you to unleash your potential.

Keys to Discovering Your Talent

So the key to a successful life is to find your talents, focus on developing one talent and becoming the best in the whole world at the use of that talent to provide goods and services to humanity.

The question you should then be asking yourself are:

1.     What are my talents?
2.     What are the very things that I am good at?
3.     What are the things that I do for fun?
4.      How can I develop one of my talents and make it world class?
5.      What is the best use of my talents?
6.     In which field or industry can I best use my talents?
7.     Who can I partner, connect and associate myself with to help me to find and develop my talents?

You see, the thing is: the more you use your talents, the more you multiply the power of it. Your talent develops and grows into a skill. Talent is your natural gift! But a skill is the development of that natural gift! Skill is the perfection of that natural gift. Skill is what your natural gift has become as a result of consistent hard work on it.

In this world, the more skillful you become the more in-demand you become! And the more in-demand you become the successful you become. Skillful people are uncommon people. Why? They have gain a competitive advantage over their fellows through dedication to the development of their natural talent!So what's the key? The key is understanding and maximizing your potential!

“You were born to rule, govern and dominate in the area of your gifting,” said Dr. Myles Munroe. SO you have to find your talents and strive to work hard on it and perfect it into a skill. Once you have developed your talent into a skill, you will see yourself gaining the same competitive advantage like other successful people do!

Find an area where you want to be the best are in your school, workplace, department, industry, town, city, country or continent, then identity the talents within you that you can developed and enable you to become the best in that place. Then all you have to do every day is consistent hard work, perfecting and the development of your talent!

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Francis Sabutey,
Life Purpose & Leadership Coach,
Founder & President of the Living Purpose School
The Living Purpose School is an online personal and leadership development school focused on providing training and coaching programs  to help people find their life purpose, maximize their potentials and achieve their dreams. Visit us here.

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