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Dreams! Dreams! Dreams! Almost everyone on earth today has a dream. Better put, everyone on earth today has a dream that if worked upon and translate into reality will bring joy, success and personal improvement. But how many people on earth today—among the over 7 billion people – can confidently say “I have a dream and I am working on my dream to achieve it”!

The fact is: a dream is a wish, a hope, an expectation, a mental picture of something we want to happen in our life. You can have a dream of being in a particular career, owning a particular business, making a particular amount of money per month, building or owning your own house, having enough and giving to your favorite charity and so on.

But you see, a dream is something that you wish and want! The fact that you wish and hope for it doesn’t mean you will automatically get it. Life doesn’t give you what you wish for; it gives you what you work for. So wishing, hoping, desiring and talking about your dreams will not make your dreams a reality! It will only get you confused, tired and frustrated.

To get what you want, you must work on it. You must fight for it. You must rise up and say, “I want this thing to happen and I will never give up until I make it happen”. Then, you must now go and learn how to translate your dream to reality—how to get that which you want! Because you see, you can get what you want! You can get what you wish! Everything is possible and there is nothing impossible! Brain’s book on How to Get Everything You Wantproves this fact.

So what the heck are you supposed to do to make your dreams a reality?

Well, being a Life Purpose Coach and helping people to find their life purpose and coaching them to translate their dreams to reality, I have seen and come across certain basic steps and principles that helps each of my clients to reach their dreams!

So what are the simple steps that will help you to translate your dreams to reality?


.1. See your Dream Happen: It’s not enough to dream, you must now see the dream happen! Imagine it come true, see the joy, the happiness and the new things that will happen in your life if that dream  you hold in your mind comes to reality. Be glad and happy about it! This may seem like madness, but it is faith!

2. Set Your Goals: Break the dream into pieces and set goals for each piece of the dream. Set sub-daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly goals that you will work on to reach your dream! Then develop a clear plan to reach each of the goals you have planned. Brian Tracy’s Book on Goals is worth buying and studying to help you do this.

3. Commit to Your Goals: It’s not enough to set your goals and develop plans to reach your goals. You must commit to your goals. “Without commitment nothing happens” said T.D Jakes. You must commit, decide and delve into the dream! You have to want it so badly enough that you commit to it and begin to take actions to make it a reality!

4. Act on Your Goals: Once you commit, it is then easy to act. Action precedes commitment. You can never act on something that you don’t believe and commit to. Okay fine, you don’t want to act on your goals, but you want to achieve them, that’s a lie! It will never happen! Action brings results! If you are not willing to act on your dream and goals, then it means you don’t want to achieve it! So do all that it takes to make your dreams a reality!

5. Measure Your Progress: Once you begin acting on your dream, you must then measure your progress. Success comes in installment; today a little, tomorrow a little and finally boom a big success! Success never comes in one day, so measure your daily, weekly and monthly progress and see whether your plans and actions are in alignment with your dreams!

6. Re-adjust Your Strategy: How do you know whether your plans and actions are in alignment with your dreams? Your results! Your results reflect everything! If you are getting the results you project, it simply means you are doing the things that require you to get those results. If you don’t like the results you are getting, you know what you must do: change your strategy and go to work on the goal again until you find the best strategy to achieve it!

7. Commit to the Process: The very last thing you must do is to commit to the process. What is the process? The process of making your dreams a reality: the process of dreaming, setting goals, committing to your goals, acting on your goals, measuring your progress and re-adjusting your strategy to reach your goals. It’s a cycle—a system! You must commit to this system so as to make your dream a reality!

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About the Author

Francis Sabutey is a Life Purpose & Executive Coach, Professional Writer and Author.He is also the founder and president of the Living Purpose School, an online coaching & training school focused on helping people to find their life purpose, maximize their potential and to achieve their dreams. 

Saturday, 27 August 2016


      "Talent is God's gift to you. 
What you do with it is your gift back to God"
                                                  " Leo Buscaglia"

Why should you develop your talents? When you develop your talent what happens? 
I have some reasons that motivates and inspires me to develop and grow my talent. I would like to share them with you today!

1. You maximize the use of the time to deliver a particular service or product.

For example: When I started out as a Professional Life Purpose Coach, it takes me one and half to two hours to take one client through a Life Impact Program  to find his talents, passion, mission, vision, life purpose and to develop a plan for the next 5-10 years of his/her life.

But what happened when I became skillful at what I do? I spend thirty minutes to forty-five minutes with my coaching clients to help them find their life purpose. That means by developing my talent, I have been able to cut back on half an hour approximately! That’s the reason we must all develop our talents.

2. You serve people faster

Once you develop your talent and the reduce time limit to serve people, you begin to realize that you are now able to serve people faster. And you know, we live in a fast world—fast food, fast cars, fast athlete and so on. Some companies in the world develop their competitive advantage around the “fast in service delivery”. 

3. You serve more people at a limited time

To become successful at your career or business, all you have to do is to serve more people in a limited period of time. The more you serve more people at a short time period, the more people will draw closer to you and your business and begin to demand for more service. To do this requires the total development and improvement of your talent. Again, Talent Code by Daniel Coyle goes to do a great good on talent development!

4. You produce quality and excellent works

The essence of our talent is to serve people. To serve people means to provide them value by solving a problem or filling a need for them. Now, the more skillful you are, the more you can use your talent to produce high quality goods and services for people.

Excellence is a product of careful and skillful use of our talents to serve people. It requires brain, talents and passion. Your passion is what drives the use of your talents to produce high quality goods and services. Passion ignites the fire within you to go the extra mile. And the source of passion is a clear understanding of your purpose in life. 

This is why it is very crucial and necessary for you to find your life purpose. To find your life purpose, passion, talents, vision and develop a plan for the next 5-10yrs of your life, go here!

5. You win the heart of people

 This is what we all wants. To win the heart of someone, you must be doing something they like, admire and appreciate.

 For instance, when I was a sales boy at One Star Company Limited, a sachet water producing company, I dedicate myself to reading books on sales, marketing, negotiation and customer service daily. I would spend the whole night reading and studying these materials while my friends will be sleeping. In the day time when we go to work, guess what happens?

I up sell everybody! As a result of my diligence in studying and the development of my sales ability, I won the heart of the manager and was promoted to become the Sales Manager. I couldn’t believe it! But it happened. How did it happen? Diligence in the development of my sales ability!

I have given you five reasons which at the same time are benefits of developing your talents! If you have successfully developed your talent and has been inspired by some reason to do that, I would like to see your reasons and comments  below! Feel free to share! The world is about sharing and caring!!! Thanks a million! Don't forget to share this post with your family and friends on social media!

About The Author
Francis Sabutey,
Life Purpose & Leadership Coach,
Founder & President of the Living Purpose School
The Living Purpose School is an online personal and leadership development school focused on providing training and coaching programs to help people find their life purpose, maximize their potentials and achieve their dreams. You can visit us here.

Friday, 26 August 2016


We’ve been talking about discovering your talent. You need to get me right! You can’t just come to the level of people adoring and lavishing praises on you when qualities such as excellence, dedication, diligence, humility, gratitude, modesty and so forth are not found in you! Why? These are the qualities that lead to the development of your talent and to being adored and loved by people! So let’s look at the eight simple ways you can start using to develop your talent today!
  1. Understanding Your Core

To make the best use of your talents and abilities it is very crucial you have a sound understanding of who you are, who you want to be, your purpose in life, your vision in life, your potentials, your passion and a clear plan for your business and professional life. Through the Life Impact Program developed by the Living Purpose School, I trust we can help you to reposition your life so you can make a great impact with your life. You can sign up for the program here!!

            2. Continuous learning

To develop your talents and potentials, you must begin to develop yourself. You can’t go to the next level if you are not developing yourself. You must read books, enroll in programs and go to seminars that will help you to develop your self-esteem and your self-concept of yourself. To make the best use of your talent, I recommend you get access to this great book by Dr. Myles Munroe: Maximizing Your Potential” This is a great book filled with information to help you to unleash your potential.

      3. Building the Right Relationship

You must also begin to associate yourself with the right people. Find mentors, coaches and instructors that will guide you, direct you and help you to get what you want! Hang around with the very best in your field! Build and form relationships that will help you to develop as an individual and also maximize your talent.

           4. Focus on Building One Talent At a Time

Focus on one of your talent at a time. Begin to work on it! Begin to develop it! Begin to use it to serve people. Don’t try to develop all your talents at once. Build and develop one talent into a skill one at a time. Focus is the key to success. Success means to do one thing very well and that means to develop that talent and use it to do what you do very well.

           5. Following Your Passion

Find your passion and focus your talent toward that specific area. For instance if you have a talent for interviewing, presenting and doing research and wants to be a journalist, find an area of interest—may be business, social affairs, sports  or any area of your interest—then focus your talent in that area. You must have passion for the area so that the passion you have for that area will drive the development of your talent.

            6. Having a Purpose Drives You

Understand the “why” behind the “what” you do! You can just be singing. Why do you sing? You can’t just be boxing. Why do you box? You can’t just be teaching. Why do you teach? You must have a BIG WHY behind the “what” you do. You must have a unique purpose for what you do and that is why it is very essential to find your life purpose and enrolling in the Life Impact Program.
            7. Goal Setting & Discipline

Discipline yourself to set goals, work on your goals and achieve your goals in relation to your talents. Where do you want to be this week, next week, next month, next year, next three years in the use of your talents? You must know and not just be doing things. Set clear professional and talent development goals for yourself and then discipline yourself to work on them and achieve them. This is a highway to achieving your talent. Brian Tracy’s book on Goals is great help when it comes to setting goals and achieving it. I recommend you get a copy now!

            8. Back Your Talent with a Strong Character

Character is key if you are going to develop and maximize your talent. And character is more than just being polite and nice to people. Your character revolves around your habits and lifestyle. You must become a rock—strong, resilient and tough! You must have a strong character which includes humility, kindness, honesty, excellence, diligence and so forth. These qualities in you help you to develop your talents and become better at it. You must analyze yourself, work and then develop every aspect of your character.Talent Is Never Enough John Maxwell’s Best Selling Book is worth reading to develop your character and grow your talent!

I look forward to working and helping you to make an impact with your life. If you like this post kindly SHARE it with your friends and family on all the social networks and also I would  like to see your comments, answer questions and help you to become the best of yourself!  
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Francis Sabutey is a Life Purpose & Leadership Coach, Founder & CEO of the Living Purpose School; an online personal and leadership development firm focused on coaching and training people to find their life purpose, maximize their potentials and achieve their dreams! You can visit the school here.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


A talent is a special ability that enables us to easily do something or learn a process. Each and every human being on earth has been endowed with a specific talent. The average person has at least five or six talents which when identified , developed and lead to great success.

We have all been given talents by God to serve each other. Our talents are our means to share our value and display the amazing glory of God. Our talents are our source of earning income and a means to manifest the greatness within us.

We have all been given great talents which should bring us profits when we put them into good use. The more we develop and use our talents, the more skillful and successful we become in the use of it. When we hide our talents, we hid the very thing that will bring us greatness and success  in life.

To make the best use of your talent, I recommend you get access to this great book by Dr. Myles Munroe: “ Understanding Your Potential” This is a great book filled with information to help you to unleash your potential.

Keys to Discovering Your Talent

So the key to a successful life is to find your talents, focus on developing one talent and becoming the best in the whole world at the use of that talent to provide goods and services to humanity.

The question you should then be asking yourself are:

1.     What are my talents?
2.     What are the very things that I am good at?
3.     What are the things that I do for fun?
4.      How can I develop one of my talents and make it world class?
5.      What is the best use of my talents?
6.     In which field or industry can I best use my talents?
7.     Who can I partner, connect and associate myself with to help me to find and develop my talents?

You see, the thing is: the more you use your talents, the more you multiply the power of it. Your talent develops and grows into a skill. Talent is your natural gift! But a skill is the development of that natural gift! Skill is the perfection of that natural gift. Skill is what your natural gift has become as a result of consistent hard work on it.

In this world, the more skillful you become the more in-demand you become! And the more in-demand you become the successful you become. Skillful people are uncommon people. Why? They have gain a competitive advantage over their fellows through dedication to the development of their natural talent!So what's the key? The key is understanding and maximizing your potential!

“You were born to rule, govern and dominate in the area of your gifting,” said Dr. Myles Munroe. SO you have to find your talents and strive to work hard on it and perfect it into a skill. Once you have developed your talent into a skill, you will see yourself gaining the same competitive advantage like other successful people do!

Find an area where you want to be the best are in your school, workplace, department, industry, town, city, country or continent, then identity the talents within you that you can developed and enable you to become the best in that place. Then all you have to do every day is consistent hard work, perfecting and the development of your talent!

I recommend you enroll in the Life Impact Coaching Program.  Once you sign up at: LIVINGPURPOSESCHOOL.COM, and register for the course, you can just take the training program on MAKING AN IMPACT WITH YOUR LIFE, then we will schedule a coaching session where I would help you to find your  talents, abilities, life purpose, mission, passion, vision, and develop a plan for the next 5-10 yrs of your life!

I look forward to working and helping you to make an impact with your life. If you like this post kindly SHARE it with your friends and family on all the social networks and also I like to see your comments, answer questions and help you to become the best of yourself! 
 Thanks a million!

Francis Sabutey,
Life Purpose & Leadership Coach,
Founder & President of the Living Purpose School
The Living Purpose School is an online personal and leadership development school focused on providing training and coaching programs  to help people find their life purpose, maximize their potentials and achieve their dreams. Visit us here.

Friday, 19 August 2016



" Your purpose in life is to find your life's purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it"
                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Friedrich Nietzsche

Every human being was born for a reason. And it is this reason that gives them the drive to live, overcome the difficulties of life and to become successful in life. Despite the fact that people reiterate the words, " Live your life with purpose", how many people on earth have a clue what their life's purpose is?

Quora, the online discussion forum, posted a question on their platform,"Of the 7 billion people on earth today, what percentage both know their life's purpose with clarity and living true to it?"

I'd like to answer that question in this article: According to the 90/10 rule, I would say that it's only 10% of the 7 billion people on earth today that have found their life's purpose and are living with it. If we do the math, it means that 90% of the over 7 billion people on earth are clueless about their life's purpose, living for survival instead of living for their purpose.

The 10% of the people who have found their life's purpose are those who go on to become the leaders, the inventors, the pioneers and the barrier breakers in life.These are people who have a deep sense of knowledge about who they are, why they are here on earth, their uniqueness and what impact they are on earth to make. According to Steve Jobs, Co-founder of Apple, they are the people who " Think Different". And because they think different, they act different and make a difference with their lives.

So then, what is purpose? 
What a heck is this thing called purpose?

Well, I would like to explain what purpose really is by using two Greek words. The first is " Proorismos" and the second is " Skopos". To grab the true meaning of what purpose really is and how important is is to living a successful life, we've got to understand these two words.

Now, according to  Vincent's Word Studies, the Greek word, " Proorismos" means  " bourne, destination, destiny, preordination, predestination, predestined". Proorismos conveys the idea that each person on earth today has been predestined, foreordained and mandated by a High Power to be here on earth. It conveys the idea that every human being on earth is here because of a particular reason. It conveys the idea that there was a very important and urgent reason that made it necesary for each person on earth to be sent to the world by that Higher Power.It also conveys the idea that each person living on earth today has a masterplan, a blueprint, a mission statement that was formed by that Higher Power.

The second word, " Skopos", according to    Vincent's Word Studies means, " aim, means, cause, design, object, end, mark. scope, sake". Now, this word "Skopos" conveys the idea that the masterplan was built first by the Higher Power, then the Higher Power built each person with the necessary talents, temperaments, and inner abilities that will enable each person to successfully fulfill the plan. Not only that, this word "Skopos" also convey the idea that in each person on earth lies hidden potentials that are awaiting his or her discovery and manifestation. Why? Each fellow was built in with golden treasures to help him or her make valuable contribution to humanity.

Hope you get it? 
Let us now combine the two meaning together to now form a final concrete meaning to the word purpose.

Purpose then is the reason for which something is made, created or for which it is in existence. Purpose is the original intent for which something is in existence.  

Now, I would like to now conclude by saying that the purpose of your life is the reason for which you have been made and put into this world. Your life's purpose is the original reason for which you exist in this world!!!

Having settled that I would like to ask you you: " What is your life's purpose? Why are you here on earth? For what reason were you sent into this world? What were you born to do and accomplish?"

 Life Purpose Coaching is the medium through which a professional Life Purpose Coach takes you through a Life Purpose Coaching System to help you to find your life's purpose, your mission, your vision, your potentials, who you are what you were born to do in the world. 

A Life Purpose Coach also helps to develop your personal blueprint and plan that serves as a guiding tool to help you to fulfil your destiny and maximize your potential. To find your life purpose, go here!

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